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From Supporting Roles To Leading Man, Sharib Hashmi’s Path To Mainstream Recognition

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Sharib Hashmi, the talented actor, is currently reveling in the success of his latest venture, the biopic movie ‘Tarla,’ where he shares the screen with the brilliant Huma Qureshi. This milestone marks the culmination of a 15-year wait for the actor to headline a mainstream film. 

In ‘Tarla,’ Hashmi takes on the role of the quiet and supportive Nalin Dalal, who selflessly puts his ambitions on hold to stand by his wife Tarla, essayed by Huma Qureshi. Portraying this character came naturally to the actor, as he discovered a personal connection and depth within Nalin.

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His journey to success has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Early in his career, Sharib starred alongside Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ (2012), an experience that provided a taste of the grandeur of the film industry. Despite his undeniable talent and potential, he encountered challenges in finding roles that could showcase his true abilities. It was his breakthrough role as the undercover agent JK Talpade in ‘The Family Man’ that earned him critical acclaim and widespread recognition.

Reflecting on his career, Sharib shared, “I was told that I am not the right fit for a hero. But more than that, what hurt me was that even after doing ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and ‘Filmistaan’ [2012], I wasn’t getting the kind of work I had expected.” He recounted moments when promising projects got shelved, leaving him disheartened. 

Today, Sharib Hashmi stands strong in the industry, selecting projects that align with his artistic vision. With films like ‘The Diplomat,’ alongside John Abraham, and a web series for SonyLIV, he is experiencing a fulfilling phase of his career.

Sharib looks forward to returning to the set of ‘The Family Man 3,’ a series that holds a special place in his heart. Sharib Hashmi’s journey from supporting roles to becoming a leading man serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors.

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