Madhoo Speaks Out The Reason Behind Her Exit From Hindi Film Industry, “I Was Really Unhappy”

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Madhoo, the talented and celebrated actress of the 90s, captivated our hearts with her mesmerizing performance in the iconic movie ‘Roja.’ She was known for portraying strong and memorable characters in various languages. However, after tasting success, Madhoo slowly disappeared from the big screen, leaving fans wondering about her absence. 

Recently, in an interview, Madhoo candidly shared the reason behind her decision to leave the film industry.

Madhoo said, “What had happened to me by then was… I had done movies like Roja, Annaya, and Yoddha…and you know many other films in different languages with really good roles. Then I went into Hindi films and became a resident in Mumbai. I did more Hindi films then. I was part of films in which action heroes were leading… you know nineties…I have no complaints. I danced in a lot of movies. I love to dance. But after doing something like Roja and going back to that… I was totally unhappy about that.”

“When my shooting dates used to come, I was really unhappy. That’s when I decided to quit. Then I wrote a letter to everyone saying I am quitting. The intention was that you all don’t deserve me. It was childhood arrogance though. Later, I realised I am an artiste, and I have to do this. That’s why I came back.”

Addressing her association with terms like ‘vintage actress’ and ‘yesteryear star,’ Madhoo gracefully stated, “Ageing is a privilege. If you are afraid to age, then you will die. Who wants to die? We are doing yoga to have a long life.” Embracing the beauty of growing older, Madhoo emphasized the importance of feeling youthful at heart, rather than solely focusing on looking young.

In her return to the industry, Madhoo acknowledges the changing landscape. She mentions how challenging it can be to find roles that suit her preferences, as she doesn’t wish to portray the stereotypical ‘mother’ roles. However, she is optimistic about the shifts in the industry and is grateful for the changing narratives, citing the example of Tabu and Ajay Devgn’s film where both actors played roles of the same age.

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