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Beyond The Crown: The Secret Therapy That Energizes Mrs World Sargam Koushal

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Sargam Koushal, the reigning Mrs World, is not just a beauty queen but also a woman who knows the art of self-care and finding solace in the most unexpected places. In her recent Instagram story, Sargam revealed her secret therapy that leaves her refreshed and rejuvenated – the water.

Amidst her busy schedule, Sargam cherishes her moments of tranquility by indulging in a unique form of therapy – floating alone in the swimming pool at night. As she glides effortlessly through the water, she finds a sense of peace and harmony that only the serene depths can offer. In her post, she shares her love for this therapeutic experience, proclaiming her ability to float for hours, undisturbed by the world around her.

Sargam’s recent appearance at the Lulu Fashion Week in Kochi was nothing short of extraordinary. With her elegance and charisma, she graced the runway, captivating the audience with her ethereal beauty.

Hailing from the picturesque land of Jammu, Sargam Koushal has etched her name in the history as the second Indian woman to be crowned Mrs World in 2022. Sargam’s victory was a testament to her poise, composure, and eloquence, proudly representing India on the global stage.

So, the next time you find yourself yearning for moments of tranquility and self-discovery, take a page from Sargam’s book. Dive into the depths of your passions, embrace the solitude, and find your own therapeutic oasis. Just like Sargam Koushal, allow yourself to float away and discover the beauty that lies within you.

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