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From Elephant Whisperers To RRR: The Surprising Twist In India’s Oscar Journey, According To AR Rahman

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Renowned Indian music composer AR Rahman has expressed his opinion on the movies being sent from India to the Oscars, stating that the wrong movies are being submitted. Speaking with musician L Subramaniam, Rahman, who is an Academy Award winner and Grammy recipient, highlighted the importance of understanding the perspective of Western audiences when submitting movies for the Oscars.

Rahman expressed that some Indian movies that are sent to the Oscars don’t receive the recognition they deserve. He emphasized the need to understand the Western perspective and to send movies that would resonate with them. “We have to be in another person’s shoes. I have to be in Westerner’s shoes to see what’s happening here. I have to be in my shoes to see what they are doing,” he stated.

The composer also spoke about his journey in the music industry and the benefits of being in a transitional period of technological change. Rahman revealed that having a home studio allowed him to experiment with music and fail without anyone noticing. He emphasized the importance of striving for better production, quality, distribution, and mastering in music.

This year, three Indian movies were nominated for the Oscars, with two of them, The Elephant Whisperers and RRR, winning the prestigious trophy. The Elephant Whisperers won the Best Documentary Short Film award, while RRR received the Best Original Song award for its track Naatu Naatu. However, Shaunak Sen’s documentary All That Breathes did not win the Academy Award.

Rahman’s statement highlights the need for Indian filmmakers to understand the tastes and preferences of Western audiences and submit movies that cater to their interests. The success of The Elephant Whisperers and RRR at the Oscars showcases that Indian cinema has the potential to appeal to global audiences. The recognition also proves that Indian cinema has the ability to produce high-quality films that can compete on a global platform.

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