Crafting Cinematic Experience: Rohan Sippy’s Take on the Rise of OTT Platforms

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Veteran filmmaker Rohan Sippy recently shared his thoughts on the changing landscape of cinema and the rise of OTT platforms. In an interview with Indian Express, Sippy acknowledged the popularity of dramas on OTT and expressed the challenges of creating a feature film in today’s audience-driven market.

The Changing Dynamics of Cinema

During the earlier days of cinema, Sippy described the experience as a “good time” for the industry. However, he recognized that audience expectations have evolved, requiring filmmakers to provide a different and more immersive experience. With a plethora of dramas now available on OTT platforms, Sippy believes it would be difficult to replicate the same impact in a feature film format.

The Importance of Creating an Experience

According to Sippy, the key to captivating audiences lies in creating an experience rather than relying solely on specific elements like strong music or action sequences. The movie-watching experience needs to be carefully crafted to engage viewers on a deeper level. Sippy emphasized that storytelling should be the driving force behind any project, regardless of the platform.

The Transition from Cinema to Serialized Content

Sippy discussed his transition from making films to working on serialized content for television and OTT platforms. He highlighted the tradition of weekly TV shows that were popularized during the Doordarshan and satellite TV era. However, he noted that in recent years, the focus shifted towards daily television shows. Sippy believes there is a significant role for serialized content that offers storytelling opportunities with layered narratives and nuanced performances.

Exploring New Dimensions in Serialized Content

One of the advantages Sippy highlighted when working on serialized content is the opportunity to delve deeper into the characters. In comparison to films, supporting actors in television shows have a more substantial role to play, allowing them to showcase their talent and bring additional depth to their characters. Sippy cited his experience of working with accomplished actors like Pankaj Tripathi, emphasizing that such collaborations would not have been possible in the film industry.

Collaborating with Pankaj Tripathi

Sippy recently collaborated with Pankaj Tripathi on the critically acclaimed series Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors and Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach. He spoke highly of Tripathi’s character and how the series allowed for the evolution and exploration of his role across multiple seasons. The ability to develop a character over an extended period of time is a significant advantage that serialized content offers.

Embracing Change in the Industry

Sippy’s experience and expertise in both films and serialized content demonstrate his willingness to adapt to the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry. By embracing the opportunities provided by OTT platforms and television, he has been able to work with talented actors and explore new storytelling methods. Sippy’s journey exemplifies the need for filmmakers to stay open-minded and adaptable in order to cater to the ever-changing demands of the audience.

The shift towards OTT platforms and serialized content offers new avenues for storytelling, providing opportunities for collaboration and the creative exploration of characters. As the entertainment landscape continues to evolve, it is imperative for filmmakers to adapt and innovate, ensuring that audiences are captivated by the experiences they offer.

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