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Critically Acclaimed Vineet Kumar Singh Stars In ‘Siya’ – A Must-Watch On ZEE5

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ZEE5 has announced that the crime-thriller film “Siya” will have its world digital premiere on June 16. Directed by Manish Mundra, known for his support of acclaimed movies such as “Newton” and “Masaan,” the movie stars Vineet Kumar Singh and introduces Pooja Pandey in her debut role.

Whats the story?

“Siya” tells the gripping tale of a rape survivor who decides to take matters into her own hands when the justice system fails her. Set in a small town, the film follows Siya as she confronts patriarchal norms and fights for justice after being kidnapped and raped.


During its theatrical run, “Siya” received rave reviews from both critics and audiences alike. The film’s compelling storyline and impactful message connected to the viewers, earning it accolades and recognition. It won the Best Debut Director award at the UK Asian Film Festival 2023 and has been selected for the New York Indian Film Festival 2023 and Ottawa Indian Film Festival Awards.

Why is it a must watch film?

Vineet Kumar Singh, the lead actor in “Siya,” expressed his excitement for the digital premiere of the film. He believes in the story and the important message it delivers. Vineet hopes that “Siya” will serve as a wake-up call for many viewers and shed light on the pervasive issues faced by society.

While the film had a theatrical release, there are still many who have not had the opportunity to watch it. Vineet earnestly encourages them to watch “Siya” on ZEE5, emphasizing the film’s significance and the need for its story to be heard and seen by a wider audience.

With its world digital premiere on ZEE5, “Siya” aims to captivate viewers with its powerful narrative and raise awareness about the pressing issues it addresses. The film’s release on the popular streaming platform provides an accessible platform for audiences to engage with the story and reflect on the broader themes it explores.

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