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From ‘Rabba Main To Mar Gya’ To ‘Baari Baarsi’: Shahid Mallya’s Timeless Magic With Shahid Kapoor

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Shahid Mallya, an exceptional singer renowned for his soul-stirring melodies, has enthralled fans with numerous hit songs that have left a lasting impression. One can’t help but hum along to his mesmerizing rendition of “Rabba main to mar gya,” envisioning themselves as Shahid Kapoor, with the soulful voice of Shahid Mallya resonating in their minds. Now, the dynamic duo has reunited once again for the movie “Bloody Daddy”.

The musical alliance of Shahid Mallya and Shahid Kapoor has produced magical compositions in the past, leaving fans spellbound. Remember the iconic tunes of “Rabba main to mar gya,” “Ik Kudi,” and “Chitta Ve” from “Udta Punjab”? Shahid Mallya’s heartfelt expressions, combined with Shahid Kapoor’s brilliant performances, transformed these songs into masterpieces.

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Now, the two Shahids have joined forces again for the song “Baari Baarsi” in the movie “Bloody Daddy,” ensuring that hearts skip a beat. Sung by Shahid Mallya and Harsimran Singh, with lyrics by Harsimran Singh and composition by Julius Packiam, “Baari Baarsi” promises to create waves.

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In an interview Shahid Mallya said, “Whenever Shahid and I collaborate, the result is always a chartbuster. I am confident that our reunion this time will be no different.” Shahid Mallya’s rich, velvety voice breathes life into the lyrics, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

Like his previous collaborations with Shahid Kapoor, “Baari Baarsi” is set to conquer the music charts and secure a permanent spot on everyone’s playlists.
With his versatility, Shahid Mallya has lent his enchanting voice to songs in many different languages, captivating listeners across linguistic boundaries. His recent track, “Shauq,” from the Netflix movie “Qala,” continues to finds a special place on listeners’ playlists.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Bloody Daddy” and the enchanting melodies of “Baari Baarsi,” there’s no doubt that Shahid Mallya’s soulful voice will touch the depths of our hearts once more.

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