Deepika Padukone tells why she enjoys being famous

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The Bollywood beauty, Deepika Padukone has not only mesmerized audiences with her stellar performances in blockbusters like Pathaan and Jawan, but she has also made a significant impact as a global brand ambassador and an entrepreneur with her skincare range. In a recent interview with Vogue India, Deepika shared her thoughts on fame and how it allows her to positively influence the lives of others.

Deepika’s Positive Perspective: Why She Likes Being Famous

When questioned about whether she enjoys being famous, Deepika expressed her contentment with her celebrity status. She mentioned that she doesn’t face any issues with it and surrounds herself with people who don’t prioritize fame. According to Deepika, her fame truly prevails when she steps out of her personal world and engages with the public.
Deepika’s appreciation for fame stems from her belief in its ability to bring about change. Being in the spotlight allows her to touch the lives of others and influence them positively. She finds satisfaction in being able to utilize her platform to make a difference. With fame comes responsibility, and Deepika embraces this responsibility with open arms.

Balancing Fame and Relationships – Quality Time in Deepika and Ranveer’s Lives
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh lead hectic lives due to their demanding professions. She said in spite of their tight schedule they prioritize each other and ensure that they make time for their relationship. Both Deepika and Ranveer understand the importance of spending quality time together. They acknowledge the challenges that come with their respective schedules, such as long periods of separation due to work commitments or conflicting timings. Despite these hurdles, they make a conscious effort to schedule time solely for each other.

It may not be the quantity of time they spend together, but the quality that matters the most to the couple. They cherish the moments when it’s just the two of them, relishing in their love and companionship. Additionally, Deepika and Ranveer also value and cherish spending time with their families, as it further strengthens their bond.

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