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Desai Family’s Initiative To Combat Targeted Robberies In The South Asian Community

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In response to the concerning surge of home burglaries affecting the South Asian community, specifically those of Indian origin in Greater Boston, some Indian Americans have raised their voice. India New England has collaborated with the well-known and reputed Desai Family, the founders of the Desai Foundation to create a valuable resources for individuals affected by these incidents.

This collaborative initiative has a dual purpose: to bolster households’ security and nurture a resilient sense of unity within the community.

Recent incidents have left families reeling as robbers systematically target homes, often owned by individuals of Indian origin. These criminals, known for their meticulous planning and ability to evade capture, seem to possess an uncanny understanding of the community’s routines and movements, allowing them to strike when houses are vacant.

Acknowledging the limitations of individual efforts in tackling this problem, Desai family emphasizes on community collaboration. By coming together and collectively advocating for change, there is a substantial chance of curbing these targeted robberies.

Central to this initiative is the call for community participation. Residents are urged to express their concerns by composing letters and emails directed at local and state law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, attorneys general, and elected officials. These correspondences serve as a tangible representation of the community’s resolve to end these crimes.

To facilitate this endeavor, a comprehensive set of program has been assembled, making participation more accessible. In addition to the program, an online link has also been established within the Indian community to facilitate information exchange and coordination., which will help residents stay connected and informed.

The time for action is now. Together, residents are urged to unite, channel their concerns through written correspondence, and make their voices heard against this threat to their homes and well-being. With solidarity, change is within reach, promising a more secure future for families, friends, and neighbors alike.

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