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Faisal Malik’s Versatility, From Laughter To Complexity, ‘I’m Exploring Different Characters’

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Actor Faisal Malik, acclaimed for his comedic flair in the hit series “Panchayat,” is relishing the opportunity to explore new facets of his acting skills. As he embraces a diverse range of roles and gears up for multiple upcoming releases, Faisal is savoring this engaging phase of his career.

“I am getting to play varied roles and am able to explore new worlds,” Faisal reflects during an interview. Recognized for his comic roles, he acknowledges the evolving landscape of his career, where directors are casting him with diverse characters.

Faisal Malik recollects the past limitations of his roles, “Earlier, it was Panchayat-type comic roles but now directors are fitting in different characters. Pehle yeh tha mota aadmi hai to comedy karwao ya police bana do like in Gangs of Wasseypur (2012)!” 

But, now his evolving repertoire extends beyond comedy as he takes on a myriad of roles. “In fact, I’m exploring different characters as well. Makers are finding ways to use me in different roles,” he shares.

The actor’s next project sees him stepping into a negative role, an exciting challenge he embraces wholeheartedly. “Such challenges are very interesting and make you work hard,” the actor continues. 

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With a string of projects in his pipeline, Faisal Malik opens up about his upcoming projects. “I have shot for ‘Sabun,’ starring Jackie Shroff, Neena Gupta, and Abhishek Chauhan. Then, I’ll be seen playing a cop in ‘Tribhuvan Mishra CA Topper.’ I will be again essaying the role of a cop in ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen,’ starring Pratik Gandhi and directed by Pulkit of ‘Bose: Dead or Alive’ fame. I have also shot for the slice-of-life film ‘Jo Tera Hai Who Mera Hai’ with Amit Sial and Paresh Rawal, and the OTT-series ‘Dating Shating.’ So, it’s a complete bouquet,” Malik reveals.

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While his plate is full, Faisal’s excitement is palpable as he awaits the release of the third season of “Panchayat.” He teases, “People have seen me portraying a lighthearted comic role that had a serious ending in season two. I can’t talk further about the script, but it’s going to be very interesting for sure. My character will evolve exploring different shades. We will be shooting the final schedule in winters.”

As Faisal Malik continues to showcase his versatility and embrace diverse roles, his journey shows the magic of exploration and evolution within the world of entertainment.

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