Ed Sheeran on The Kapil Sharma Show: Singing, Sushi, and Bollywood Stars

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In March 2024, during his musical tour, Ed Sheeran made a memorable trip to India. Known worldwide for his hit songs, the “Shape of You” singer had a special appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show. This episode turned into a musical evening where Ed entertained the audience with his iconic tunes and even sang a famous Hindi song.

When Ed Sheeran appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show, it was not just about music. He shared some interesting and funny stories from his travels around the world. One of the highlights was when he talked about the weirdest food he ever tried while on tour.

Ed Sheeran’s Weirdest Food Experience

During a Q&A session with the host, Kapil Sharma, Ed Sheeran was asked about the strangest food he had ever eaten. Ed revealed that the oddest thing he tried was fish sperm at a sushi restaurant in Japan. He explained, “In Japan, they have this dish called Shirako. It’s basically fish testicles that you eat, and they burst in your mouth. Some people love it, but I’m not a big fan.” This revelation left Kapil Sharma and co-host Archana Puran Singh, along with the audience, both surprised and amused.

Ed Sheeran on The Kapil Sharma Show

The show took a delightful turn when Ed Sheeran joined in singing a popular Hindi song. Kapil Sharma, known for his singing talent, decided to teach Ed a song. He chose “Kisi Ki Muskurahaton Se” from the classic Raj Kapoor movie Anari, originally sung by Mukesh. Ed Sheeran gave it a try, syncing with the tune and lyrics, much to the excitement of the audience. Everyone cheered for his effort to sing in Hindi.

Meeting Bollywood’s Biggest Stars

Ed Sheeran also shared his excitement about meeting Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. He recounted how welcoming and kind Shah Rukh was when they met at his house. Ed even imitated Shah Rukh’s famous pose with arms outstretched, expressing his admiration for the actor’s charm and humility.

During his India visit, Ed Sheeran also reunited with choreographer and director Farah Khan, whom he had met during a previous trip. They dined at the Torii restaurant in Mumbai, where they were joined by Shah Rukh Khan and his wife, Gauri Khan. The dinner party included other Bollywood celebrities like Rakul Preet Singh, Jacky Bhagnani, Madhuri Dixit, Huma Qureshi, Malaika Arora, Rajkummar Rao, and Munawar Faruqui. Ed even told Huma Qureshi that he had seen her in the movie Gangs of Wasseypur, which she appreciated.

Watch The Kapil Sharma Show on Netflix

The episode featuring Ed Sheeran on The Kapil Sharma Show is available to stream on Netflix. Fans can enjoy watching Ed sing, share stories, and connect with Bollywood stars in this special appearance.

Ed Sheeran’s visit to India and appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show was a delightful blend of music, humor, and cultural exchange. From trying out exotic food to singing Hindi songs and meeting Bollywood stars, Ed’s India tour was an experience filled with memorable moments that fans will cherish.

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