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Pooja Tiwari Shares Her Inspiring Musical Journey & How “Main Parwaana” Happened

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Currently, the song “Main Parwaana” from the film Pippa has taken the music industry by storm. The captivating composition by the legendary musician A.R. Rahman, the mesmerizing vocals of Arijit Singh, and the stunning dance performances by Ishaan and Leysan have undoubtedly captivated the audience. But Pooja Tiwari has also done a splendid job as a co-artist alongside Arijit Singh! Pooja has played a significant role in making this song a superhit. Recently, she appeared on The Jay Kumar Show and opened up about her passion for music, her journey as a musician and how the Universe has paved the right direction for her! 

Pooja Tiwari’s Musical Breakthrough

Pooja Tiwari gained recognition after winning the show YouTube Originals Arrived, which caught the attention of none other than A.R. Rahman himself. Impressed by Pooja’s exceptional talent, Rahman awarded her a scholarship to Berkeley College of Music to further enhance her skills. This marked a turning point in Pooja’s musical journey, opening doors to endless opportunities.

The Jay Kumar Show: Unveiling the Story

On The Jay Kumar Show, Pooja shared her musical journey. Growing up in a family where pursuing an offbeat career was uncommon, Pooja’s passion for music set her apart. Her father recognized her talent at a young age, realizing that music was her destined path. Pooja took lessons diligently from a young age and soon discovered her calling.

Pooja’s Endeavors: From Playback Singer to Vocal Coach

Apart from being a playback singer, Pooja is also a vocal coach. Her commitment to learning and polishing her skills led her to the place she is today. When asked if the release of “Main Parwaana” has been a significant milestone in her career, Pooja expressed her excitement. Working in A.R. Rahman’s composition alongside the acclaimed Arijit Singh was a dream come true for her.

Collaborating with Arijit Singh

In the interview, Pooja revealed that her portion in the song and Arijit Singh’s part were recorded separately at different times and places. The unique tone of the song and the collective effort put into its creation made her confident in its potential for widespread popularity. Then little did she know that Arijit Singh, one of the topmost vocalists of our time, would be lending his voice to the same track.

Talent versus Practice: Pooja’s Perspective

When asked about the importance of talent and practice in becoming a successful singer, Pooja highlighted the significance of rigorous practice. While talent can be an advantage for an artist, dedicated hours of practice can transform an average singer into a brilliant one. Pooja emphasized that consistent riyaz (practice) plays a pivotal role in shaping one’s singing abilities.

From Reality Shows to Bollywood Stardom

Having frequented reality singing shows, Pooja Tiwari learned a lot about the technicalities of singing but later she became bore of the usual formats of the shows. She said, “Reality shows are more keen on showcasing a singer’s life struggles than his/her singing talent!” This is why, she does not appear on TV shows anymore. Starting from TV and then doing playback for several films, Pooja did not have to look back.  And now, she has rightfully earned her place as a co-singer with the musical genius, Arijit Singh. Her dedication, perseverance, and unwavering love for music have made her one of the most sought-after artists in Bollywood today.

To watch the inspiring interview of Pooja Tiwari on The Jay Kumar Show, stay tuned for the upcoming episode. Pooja’s journey serves as a testament to the power of passion and hard work in achieving one’s dreams.

Closing thoughts 

Pooja Tiwari’s presence as the female vocalist in the song “Main Parwaana” has undoubtedly contributed to its success. Her journey from winning YouTube Originals Arrived to collaborating with eminent musicians like A.R. Rahman and Arijit Singh is an inspiration to aspiring artists. Pooja’s story teaches us that with talent, dedication, and the right opportunities, dreams can indeed come true in the world of music.

Pooja Tiwari on The Jay Kumar Show

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