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Ekavali Khanna’s Throwback Photo: A Masterclass In Poise And Elegance

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Beauty is something that catches the eye and leaves a lasting impression. And, when it comes to elegance, few people embody it better than Ekavali Khanna. In her role as Sarla in the web series ‘Hai Taubba Season 3’, she’s a stunning vision of grace and beauty. 

In this throwback photo, Ekavali Khanna is donning the quintessential Bengali look with saree, jhumkas, a big bindi on her forehead, sindur, and some serious golden bling. Her open tresses add to the charm and grace of the look, making her look like a true queen.

This look is from the web series ‘Hai Taubba Season 3’, where Ekavali Khanna played the role of Sarla. The series sheds light on how betrayal and cheating in relationships have an impact on people. It revolves around prohibitive love stories and its taboo along with the mysteries, thrill and the unexplored spaces in between.

But let’s get back to Ekavali Khanna’s look, shall we? She looks like she’s straight out of a period drama, where she’s ruling a kingdom with an iron fist and a heart of gold. Her fans have showered her with compliments such as ‘elegant and graceful’, ‘Bengali Beauty’, ‘Sensual elegance, etc. And why wouldn’t they? This look is the perfect combination of beauty and power.

We have to admit, we’re a little jealous of her flawless skin and that perfect bindi on her forehead. We could never rock that look like she does! But we can appreciate it from afar and admire how effortlessly she carries herself. Ekavali Khanna’s look from ‘Hai Taubba Season 3’ is a sight to behold. So if you haven’t watched the series yet, we suggest you do, not only for the intriguing stories but also for Ekavali Khanna’s stunning performance.

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