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When Success Breeds Envy: A Conversation With Anamika And Saurabh On Coping With Jealousy

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Jealousy is a human emotion that can consume us in the most toxic way possible. It is a feeling that can blind us to the good things that are happening around us and make us focus on what we do not have. In a recent interview with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, famous poets Anamika Jain Amber and Saurabh Jain Suman delved into the topic of jealousy and how they deal with it in their lives.

During the interview, Anamika Jain Amber shared her perspective on jealousy, stating that there are two types of people in life – those who are our enemies and those who we are unable to recognize whether they are our friends or foes. “And, they live with us like friends. We may feel their jealousy sometimes,” she added. Anamika uses her shayaris to express her feelings towards people who envy her. However, she keeps the person’s jealous feelings aside, does her work, and uses it as her strength. On this context, she shared her favorite lines, “Likhein kuch bhi mere naam, ki tahreer banti hai, Ki unki badduwaon se meri taqdeer banti hai, Yahan par kuch bashar jalte hain mere naam se aise, Yahan par kuch bashar jalte hain mere kaam se aise, dhuan dil se jo uthe toh, dhuan dil se jo nikle toh, meri tasveer banti hain.”

Recalling a conversation with Bollywood actor Govinda on stage a couple of months back, Anamika shared an optimistic poem she had written for haters and those who are jealous of their work. “Ae dil thori duniyadaari rakho tum, Har mausam se apni yaari rakho tum, Sardi bahut hai mujhko garmahat dene, Jalne walon jalna jaari rakho tum,” she said.

Saurabh added to the conversation by discussing how envy and frustration can negatively impact a person. He believes that if we only see the success a person has achieved without acknowledging the hard work they have put in, then we are missing the bigger picture. He used the example of Haridas and Tansen, where Haridas was more skilled, but Tansen was still considered one of the gems of Akbar’s court. Haridas never envied Tansen and never let his jealousy impact his relationship with him. Saurabh emphasized that keeping envy and frustration aside can make everything better.

Jealousy can be a negative emotion that holds people back from achieving their full potential. However, as Anamika and Saurabh have shown, it is possible to use it as a driving force for success, as long as it is kept in check and not allowed to consume one’s thoughts and actions. This interview with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show provides valuable insights on how to deal with jealousy and focus on the bigger picture. 

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