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No Apologies: Deepak Tijori Responds To Critics Of His Musical Journey

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Deepak Tijori, the beloved Bollywood actor is making headlines for his love of 90s music and his unique use of it on Instagram. With his reels featuring popular songs from the 90s, Deepak has managed to capture the hearts of many music lovers who share his admiration for the era’s unforgettable melodies.

However, not everyone seems to appreciate Deepak’s musical journey. Some have criticized his videos, calling them monotonous and unentertaining. In response, Deepak has released an official note on his Instagram account, requesting that those who do not enjoy his content to look elsewhere for their personal entertainment.

He writes, “Everyone (Specifically one’s who are unhappy) take note: I am on Instagram for my love of 90’s music and I am here only to relive the sound of 90’s and good hindi music with all the music lovers and especially the ones who love me, as I am. So please do not mistake this Insta handle as your personal entertainment channel. I am sure with digital explosion people who do not find my reels entertaining and find them monotonous, I would humbly request them to look elsewhere for your personal entertainment and stop asking for anything other than this. So everyone who is enjoying and reliving our very own music, let’s sing along and keep showering your love and emotions, as they reach me directly. Let’s continue our party…”

Deepak’s message is a gentle reminder that everyone has different tastes and preferences, and it’s okay to enjoy what we love without having to please everyone else. His love for 90s music is a proof to the power of nostalgia and the joy that comes from revisiting our fondest memories.

However, Deepak is not just known for his love of music; he’s also making waves with his salt and pepper hairstyle that has become a trend among his fans. And, while we’re on the topic of trends, Deepak’s upcoming movie Tippsyy is also generating buzz in the industry. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the film, and Deepak’s dedicated following is sure to make it a box office success.

So let’s join in the party and continue singing along to our favorite 90s tunes as we show our love and support for this iconic actor.

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