Faridkot And Shilpa Rao

Faridkot And Shilpa Rao Prove That Good Music Knows No Boundaries With ‘Numaani’

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Faridkot, the pop rock duo famous for their sensational song ‘Jehda Nasha’, has done it again with their latest collaboration with Shilpa Rao, ‘Numaani’. The song is a fresh and distinct melody that is guaranteed to have you swaying to the music. In “Numaani,” Shilpa Rao’s jazzy voice blends perfectly with Faridkot’s distinct style, creating a harmonious and soulful sound that is sure to captivate music lovers. The lyrics of the song are poignant and heartfelt, and the melody is soothing, making it an unmissable track for anyone looking for something fresh and soulful.

The music video is equally mesmerizing, featuring the duo and Shilpa Rao amidst the beauty of nature. Notably, Faridkot band has also organized a reel contest on Numaani. Fans can showcase their creative skills by creating reels on the song, and the best one will be featured on the band’s Instagram page.

But that’s not all about Faridkot. Did you know that they have a secret recipe for making any song go viral? Yes, you read that right! Earlier in an interview with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Faridkot spilled the beans on how to make a song an instant hit. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal their secret here, but we suggest you head over to Jay-Ho.com to find out more.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out more of Faridkot’s music. With their unique sound and catchy tunes, it’s no wonder they have fans all over the world. Who knows, you might even become a Faridkot fanatic yourself!

So, let’s get Faridkotted with their latest collaboration with Shilpa Rao, ‘Numaani’. It’s time to turn up the volume and let the music take over.

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