Saweety Boora

Overcoming Setbacks: World Champion Saweety Boora’s Formula For Success

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Saweety Boora, the seventh Indian boxer to be crowned world champion, earlier sat down with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show to talk about her boxing journey, her failures, and her successes. In her heartful statement, she expressed her belief that if one desires something wholeheartedly, they will definitely achieve it. She has been working towards her goal for years now and she does not plan on stopping until she has achieved it.

Thankfully, Saweety’s unwavering dedication and hard work paid off, and we are all thrilled for her and the pride she has brought to our nation. During her conversation with Jay Kumar, Saweety also shared her inspiring story of finding motivation during low times in her life, particularly after a bad game.

As is often the case, a winner has many friends, but a loser has none. Saweety acknowledged this and gave her motivational message to the youth that losing is the hardest time for any athlete, and it can be challenging to motivate oneself during such times. She emphasized that people have many expectations, and “if we lose, they talk about us a lot of things.” But according to Saweety, the best way to respond to such instances is to ignore everything and keep practicing, focusing on one’s game.

Saweety also spoke about parental pressure for jobs, conceding that it is fair as every parent wants their children to be successful and independent. However, she emphasized that the better a player is at their game, the better their chances of getting a good job. “But, you have to keep your target big. If your target is big, then you will achieve smaller targets easily.” Saweety shared her own example of working in the Income Tax Department but never playing the game for the job. “I wanted to play for my country,” she said.

Despite many of her relatives advising her to stop boxing and “spend the rest of her life comfortably,” Saweety still has a fire in her belly. “I am among those people who live for their dreams,” she said. Saweety’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams.

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