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From Modelling To Acting To Directing, Deepak Tijori Shares His Chequered Journey

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Talent is an actor’s biggest asset. If one perseveres enough, the talent will definitely help someone make a living out of acting. Deepak Tijori, a terrific actor and director, is one such prodigy who has never shied away from trying something new in his life. The multi-talented actor has had several stints in modelling, acting and then directing. The 1990 film Aashiqui marked Deepak’s acting debut.

He became an overnight success due to his outstanding performance in the film. But, for the last few years, Deepak Tijori has ventured in directing while staying out of the spotlight. Recently, in an interview with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Deepak revealed many fascinating details about his professional life. He also unveiled some unknown secrets. 

While speaking to host Jay Kumar, Deepak shared his early experiences. He spoke on the challenges- from working in hotels to playing supporting roles in movies. He described about his interaction with an acting school where he wanted to enroll but was unable to do so because of the cost issue.

On keeping distance from acting, Deepak stated, “I thought till when would I work in these black and white roles. I moved into filmmaking, because, as an actor there were certain types of characters I wanted to play but couldn’t get. I made the decision to produce my own movies and share my narrative. I’ve made 7 films so far; Tipppsy, my most recent, is the eighth.”

However, a couple of years back, he posted his pictures online casually when he unexpectedly ran into a director. Deepak mentioned the director’s interest in his photos. Deepak said, “She said I need this look and am sending you the script,” after observing me in this fashion. I’m interested in making films like that. Nothing was planned; it just happened.” And that’s how Deepak Tijori was back on the silver screen again. 

Upcoming movies of Deepak Tijori

Well, Deepak will shortly appear in a few projects. He discussed how he acquired that opportunity as well as the projects he will be working on in the future. “As an actor, I wasn’t all that happy, so I stopped taking on black and white roles,” says Deepak. 

Although Deepak has worked in films intermittently, he has still not given up working. During the breaks between movies and acting in general, he stretched his horizons to directing, writing, and other creative pursuits. He states, “I am a really positive man, and when I’m not acting, I’m working on something else. I never keep myself vacant. I’m always engaged in some activity, such as acting, writing, or filmmaking. In the event of a stop block, I immediately begin another project.” 

Speaking with Jay, Deepak disclosed that Paresh Rawal was his senior and Aamir Khan was his junior. Deepak and his friend Ashutosh Gowarikar used to hang out on campus. He goes on to talk about his fondness of cinema and his undergraduate years. “They were all into big time cinema and all, whereas I was not at all into that field,” Deepak said. I didn’t know anything about it because I didn’t come from a family with a movie background. They used to work on films at FTII. At the time,

I had no acting experience; instead, I did folk dancing in college. Later, a filmmaker requested me to perform a dance and a few words in the movie. And this is how my acting career in movies got its start.

College and work, Deepak maintained both together 

Deepak recollects the days when he was working as well as attending college. He says, ‘When I was in college, we were financially insecure, so I took on some jobs. I worked in hotels and other places, and I began to receive modelling assignments. I remember when I brought some income to my family. My older brother and I used to work and take care of the household. We would experience difficulties if someone stopped working. However, the time had come.

I recall coming home one day and telling my mom that I was leaving my job to pursue acting. She had mixed feelings about it. She was excited for me to pursue acting, but she was also concerned about how the requirements of the house would be met. I advised her not to worry. I used to receive enough modelling jobs to last me a few months.”

Deepak began his employment quest in Bollywood after leaving his job. He remembers trying to apply in an acting school, where fees were high and talent not valued as much. “I didn’t have the money for school admission,” explains Deepak. I can still recall how many credentials I gathered in college. So, around the time I started looking for a profession in acting, starkids were everywhere and they had preferences, whereas we were struggling.

We were questioned about our acting school. However, the necessity of an acting school certificate has remained constant over time. For me, that was a major hindrance. There was a woman who ran an acting academy from where many movie stars had graduated apparently. They demanded 10 thousand Rupees to which I replied that I am talented and have many qualifications. They responded, “We don’t see any talent.” We produce stars, not actors. That incident shocked me.

I was going through that entire period at the time. But after a while, I broke the ice, and things started to change. In order to succeed, I believe you must have patience and self-confidence. I had to experience everything in this way. However, the days leading up to that were really difficult.

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