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“Gamechanger Of The Year”, Sonu Sood Aids A Schoolboy Who Went Viral After Exposing The Poor Conditions At His School

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Actor and humanitarian Sonu Sood has shown his magnanimity and compassion during the pandemic. He helped many people, occasionally purchasing their tickets to return home, oftentimes sending them resources like books or medications, and in many more ways. By offering a 12-year-old boy the opportunity to get an excellent education, Sonu Sood has attracted publicity once more. Before proceeding, you must know who this boy is and what he did to lead Sonu to lend him aid.

A few days ago, a Jharkhand schoolboy named Sarfaraj’s video went viral, prompting him to turn into a reporter and highlight the concerns his school was experiencing. He revealed the deplorable condition of his school, the absence of adequate sanitation, and the assertion that students just came to school to mark their attendance. Since his popular video, Sonu Sood has been willing to help him. Sonu encouraged Sarfaraj to prepare for his new school and hostel by tweeting a link to his video. “Sarfaraj, do your next reporting from your new school,” the actor tweeted in Hindi. You have a new school and hostel ready for you, so pack your stuff.

What did the video involve?

In the video that went viral a few days ago, Sarfaraj pretended to be a journalist and took everyone on a tour of his school. He made an effort to outline the issues that he and the other students at the school suffer. Despite the reopening of schools following COVID-19, lessons have not yet started again. Classrooms were deserted. The boy then advanced and displayed the terrible conditions of the restrooms, which made it impossible for the students to be using them.

“Gamechanger of the Year”

Sonu Sood recently travelled to Detroit, Michigan, for an event. His American-Indian followers embraced him and showered him with praise at the occasion. The actor was inundated by the love and admiration of his fans. Sonu expressed his happiness and thanked everyone for their generosity. The videos and pictures of Sonu with his followers have drawn a great deal of attention online. Beside this, in a recent ceremony honoring the ET Agents of Change, actor Varun Dhawan paid tribute to actor-philanthropist Sonu Sood, by dedicating his “Gamechanger of the Year” honor to him. Varun, who cites Sonu Sood as his inspiration, did not delay in honoring his award to the one considered as the nation’s hero.

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