Sonu Sood Meets Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Sonu Sood Meets Governor Of Michigan, A Significant Moment For Indian-Americans

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It is a rare occasion to see two magnificent souls and humanitarians in the same frame. In India, Sonu Sood emerged as the Covid warrior of the masses during the worst days of the pandemic, while in Michigan, Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer led the people of Michigan through the pandemic with her inspiring and decisive leadership.

So, when these two humanitarians met and were clicked, the photo quickly went viral,  demonstrating Indians and Americans collaborating together for a common cause. As the pharmacy of the world that fueled the global fight against the coronavirus, India has much to offer to American democracy. 

Actor-philanthropist Sonu Sood was recently in Detroit, Michigan to attend an event. For Indian-American fans, it was a unique opportunity to see the man of masses up close who has delighted Indians across the world with his on-screen and off-screen exploits. Sonu addressed his fans and demonstrated his affection and regard for them. After the event, the actor met the Governor and their photo together shows the depth of India and America friendship. 

Pandemic handling under the leadership of Whitmer 

Governor Whitmer has seen broad support for her pandemic policies, especially her extension at stay-at-home order in April, despite protests by conservative groups such as Michigan Conservative Coalition and Michigan Freedom Fund. However, despite the pressure piled on her not just by these groups but also by Fox News, 57% of Michigan residents approved of Whitmer’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, including the extension. As a country that has witnessed the worst of the pandemic and that has needed heroes like Sonu Sood, such opposition is baffling. However, the celebration of these great champions of the masses shows that sanity still prevails and the public knows who their real heroes are and who the pretenders are. 

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