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Global Support, Local Impact, Sonu Sood Bolsters Indian Sugarcane Juice Business Abroad

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Sonu Sood is currently filming his upcoming action thriller ‘Fateh’ in the US, has displayed his generosity by supporting a local sugarcane juice business in America.

In a recent Instagram Reel, Sonu Sood shared a heartwarming interaction. The video showed a small shop operated by an Indian man in the US, selling sugarcane juice. Sonu Sood extended a warm greeting to the vendor and engaged in a conversation about his origins. He said, “Hindustan me jab ganne ka ras banta hai na to bahut saari sound, ghunghroo ki sound bajti hai.” Curious, he asked the man, “paaji aap miss karte ho ghungroo ki awaaz?” 

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The man shared that his sugarcane machine operates noiselessly, suggesting it should be adopted in India as well. Sonu Sood’s response was supportive, urging everyone to back these endeavors and appreciate those engaged in exceptional work. He encouraged, “yahan par bhi jo hamare Hindustan wale hain, bhai log hai inko support karo. Aur jo ese kamaal ke kaam karte hain unko applaud karo, ganne ka ras peete raho or healthy raho. All the best.” 

The video has garnered more than 1.2 million views till now, with Jacqueline Fernandez being one among its admirers. Adoration poured in from fans, with many suggesting that Sonu Sood should consider running for Prime Minister in 2024.

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Meanwhile, ‘Fateh,’ a cybercrime-based film set in Amritsar, Punjab, stars Sonu and Jacqueline Fernandez in leading roles. Under the direction of Vaibhav Mishra, the film also features Shivjyoti Rajput and Vijay Raaz. Enriched by the contribution of Hollywood talents, the project promises to deliver an enthralling cinematic experience upon its scheduled release later this year.

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