Nostalgic Vibes And Fresh Sounds, Faridkot Presents ‘Chaand’ In Collaboration With T-Series

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Faridkot, the eminent pop rock band acclaimed for their funk-inspired rhythms and soulful indipop vocals, has released their latest track ‘Chaand.’ Produced by T-Series, this musical offering follows in the wake of their previous chart-topper ‘Jehda Nasha,’ hinting at an experience that blends the eternal with the contemporary. 

Composed collaboratively by Rajarshi Sanyal and IP Singh, the song’s lyrics are the penned by IP Singh himself. Steered by the directorial finesse of Siddharth Ahuja, the black and white music video transports the audience to a world of classic nostalgia, complementing the song’s wistful essence. 

Rajarshi Sanyal of Faridkot remarks, “The song’s arrangement captures the quintessence of Faridkot’s sonic signature, while also venturing into novel dimensions that set it apart.” While IP Singh, reveals, “The lyrics mirror the emotions experienced by many, and weaving them into the melody proved to be a deeply gratifying process.”

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Director Siddharth Ahuja adds, “Our vision was to encapsulate the essence of the song, crafting an evocative visual narrative that exudes a charming nostalgic aura on screen.”

‘Chaand’ is an immersive fusion of mellifluous tunes and captivating visuals, available on T-Series’ official YouTube channel. 

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