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Taking Indie Music to New Heights: Harshit Chauhan on The Jay Kumar Show

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Harshit Chauhan, a talented Indie music singer, composer, and arranger, recently made a captivating appearance on The Jay Kumar Show. With a natural flair for music and a passion for his craft, Harshit showcased his hit numbers to the viewers of the show, leaving them yearning for more. In his final moments on the show, Harshit promised to return, expressing his love for the way The Jay Kumar Show was conducted and the warm hospitality of its host, Mr. Jay Kumar.

The Jay Kumar Show: Where Celebrities Feel Valued

The Jay Kumar Show stands apart from other celebrity talk shows due to its unique approach to interviews. Mr. Jay Kumar, the affable host, listens attentively to all his guests without interruption, treating each one with unwavering patience and warmth. It is this quality that endears him to numerous celebrities who appreciate being heard and understood. Actors, singers, and artists from various walks of life are featured on The Jay Kumar Show. It is a platform that not only showcases new and experienced talents but also provides a space to share inspiring stories that might otherwise go unnoticed.

OG Studios: Making Waves in the Music Biz

Harshit Chauhan’s pursuit of making indie music more widely accepted in the music industry led him to establish OG Studios. With the support of OG Studios, Harshit aims to provide a platform for up-and-coming Indie musicians to showcase their original music. OG Studios has already released four songs from Season 1, including Salman Ali’s “Anwar,” Aditya Narayan’s “Tera Ho Jau,” and Divya Kumar’s “Fakira,” all available on the Music 24 Records YouTube channel.

Harshit Chauhan on the Unique Sound of OG Studios

OG Studios sets itself apart with its distinct collection of original modern folk songs. Harshit Chauhan, the founder and creative force behind OG Studios, has composed all the songs himself. Besides Harshit, talented artists like Aditya Narayan, Salman Ali, Divya Kumar, Pratibha Singh Baghel, Shadab, and Altamash Faridi have lent their voices to these melodies. The result is a unique blend of soulful music that captivates listeners and showcases the talent of these exceptional artists.

When asked on how OG studio can promote indie music, Harshit had candidly shared his views with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show

“Indie music will gain a lot of benefits, and I think OG music will gain even more benefits out of all these concepts. Originality is what is lacking in our industry, especially in the Bollywood segment. So, I think this is gonna be a huge platform to push Indie music for original music. I’m very excited that I’m gonna be a part of this journey where independent music is booming.” The vocalist has revealed. 

Catch Harshit Chauhan’s Mesmerizing Performance on The Jay Kumar Show

Harshit Chauhan’s appearance on The Jay Kumar Show was an extraordinary experience that showcased his expertise and talent as an Indie music singer, composer, and arranger. The warm reception he received from Mr. Jay Kumar and the engaging nature of the show left a lasting impression on Harshit. We can only anticipate what incredible performances and inspiring stories Harshit will bring the next time he graces The Jay Kumar Show.

Final thoughts

The collaboration between Harshit Chauhan and The Jay Kumar Show has showcased the power of Indie music and the importance of platforms like OG Studios. Harshit’s appearance on the show introduced viewers to his mesmerizing compositions and performances, leaving them eager for more. As the founder of OG Studios, Harshit Chauhan continues to break barriers and provide opportunities for Indie musicians to share their talent with the world. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and captivating music on The Jay Kumar Show, where true artistry finds its voice.

Harshit Chauhan on The Jay Kumar Show!

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