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Singer Harshit Chauhan, Set To Pioneer A New Trend In The Music World

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Harshit Chauhan, an Indie music singer, composer and arranger, works with well-known musicians like Aditya Narayan, Divya Kumar, Pratibha Singh Baghel, and Salman Ali. With the help of OG Studios, Harshit hopes to make indie music more widely accepted in the music biz. Harshit provides a thorough description of what OG Studios is in his interview with

What is OG Studios? 

A collection of original modern folk songs is called OG Studios. Harshit Chauhan is the founder of OG Studio, which has published 4 songs so far from Season 1. Salman Ali’s “Anwar,” Aditya Narayan’s “Tera Ho Jau,” and Divya Kumar’s “Fakira” have all been made available on the Music 24 Records YouTube channel. Seven unique episodes make up the OG Studios series, which gives up-and-coming Indie musicians a venue to execute their own music. All the songs are composed by Harshit himself and sung by the likes of Aditya Narayan, Salman Ali, Divya Kumar, Pratibha Singh Baghel, Shadab and Altamash Faridi and Harshit himself. 

On May 3, 2022, a brand-new emerging label called Music 24 Records released OG Studio. The channel is headed by Darpan Bangeja. The country’s indie music sector is now thriving, and Harshit Chauhan will shortly introduce the innovative OG Studio concept in the music world. Harshit has already contributed to some well-known indie tunes. Every 21 days, original songs will be released on the label Music 24 recordings using the platform OG Studio.

When speaking with, Harshit recounts his experiences working with Divya Kumar, Aditya Narayan, Pratibha Singh Bhagel, Salman Ali, and others.

How has your experience been of collaborating with the likes of Divya Kumar, Aditya Narayan, Pratibha Singh Bhagel, Salman Ali and more? 

Answer – I think it’s nothing less than a dream to collaborate with these artists because all of them are great. Especially Divya who is my brother and he has always been my backbone in this industry. He has always supported me and stood with me through a lot of things which made my dream project  OG studio a reality. He’s my idol whom I admire and want to be like him. It was an honor that he has sung for me and with me too.

Aditya Narayan, he’s a very dear friend and he’s an amazing musician. When I started my composer journey my first ever single composition in this industry to ever market was with Aditya called ‘Zindagi’. Instantly he was ready to do this collaboration with me which is a blessing in disguise. Pratibha Singh Bhagel, I am a big fan of her. We have done a few live shows together and I’ve always been a fan of her since the moment I heard her when she participated in Sa Re Ga Ma. 

Though, you know Divya, Aditya, and Pratibha are very good friends of mine but still where everybody is running behind money and keeping themselves away from favours neither of them charged me a single rupee to sing, to come and feature in the video. I think that is a massive thing to do in today’s time, for a new artist who is seeking support in this industry. It’s a big deal when such artists come and promote you and support you. Definitely, I would love to reach such a stage where someone would need me to support them. Salman Ali, what an exceptional talent he is. Whenever I used to listen to his sufi songs be it on tv, radio, or singles, it mesmerizes me.  So for OG Studio’s first season, it was like a dream team for me that I got to work with such incredible singers. 

Shahdab and Altamash are also in that list of singers who have sung a song in this concept for me. And I think the brothers have incredible talent with an amazing throw and range. So yes, I consider myself very lucky that these guys came and agreed to do this and sang for me. This is a dream team for me and the whole experience was superb. To me, a million or billion views don’t matter but people admiring my work is more than sufficient for me. I would love to have them in Season 2 too and I am speechless at how much they have helped me by singing and featuring themselves in this season. Last but not the least a new music label to believe in a concept like this and in an upcoming artist is just great. I want to thank darpan bangeja the owner of the label Music24 Records.

How will your platform provide that push to Indie music? 

Answer – As per me, many artists have definitely given a push to Indie music and I think Amit Trivedi Sir plays a huge role in it as when these Bollywood singers and composers do Indie music then definitely it gives an extra boost to the newcomers too. Saleem Sulaiman sir came up with ”Bhoomi”, which I think is an exceptional concept to push Indie music and Folk music. So I think my concept, OG Studio, the OG name itself is enough to brand it as discovering original music. Folk music is okay in its own place but collaborating with new people and exploring and awakening original compositions in Indie music is very important. I’ll try to get more new talented people to collaborate with which few will be from the previous season too. Therefore, OG Studio is going to be a platform where even if I’m not there then someone else can come and create their own original songs and bring their own artists. 

Indie music will gain a lot of benefits, and I think OG music will gain even more benefits out of all these concepts. Originality is what is lacking in our industry, especially in the Bollywood segment. So I think this is gonna be a huge platform to push Indie music for original music. I’m very excited that I’m gonna be a part of this journey where independent music is booming.

We send Harshit Chauhan our warmest wishes and await seeing him at the top of the music industry someday.

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