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‘I Am Not Against The Idea Of Remixes, A Versatile Artist Should Stay Experimental’: Ankit Tiwari

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Renowned singer Ankit Tiwari has mesmerized audiences with his soulful voice and has transcended linguistic boundaries with his diverse repertoire. Recently, he shared his thoughts on the evolving music industry, collaborations, and his commitment to raising his voice against social injustices.

Ankit firmly believes that music has the power to connect people regardless of language barriers. He embraces diverse collaborations, recognizing the magic that arises when musicians come together with their unique styles. “I feel music is something that people can connect with irrespective of any language. Which is why I am always open to interesting collaborations,” Ankit shared, emphasizing his dedication to breaking creative barriers and reaching a broader audience.

The topic of remixes and controversies surrounding them has been a hot topic in the industry. Ankit, who has contributed to several hits, including the chart-topping hit “Sun Raha Hai Na Tu,” “Teri Galliyan,” expressed his perspective on the matter. 

“No artiste, singer, composer, or lyricist ever sets out to intentionally create something bad. Some remixes work, some don’t. The remake of Pasoori is probably one that didn’t work. Personally, I’m not against the idea of remixes,” he asserted. 

Ankit also highlighted the dynamic shifts in music preferences, praising the popularity of Punjabi music and South Indian music. He remarked, “People are listening to it, partying to it, and dance clubs and venues are playing them. I believe that the music audience is always looking for something new and different.” As a versatile artist, Ankit acknowledges the importance of staying experimental and reinventing oneself to remain relevant in the ever-changing industry.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Ankit Tiwari showcased his commitment to social advocacy. He condemned the recent violent acts against women in Manipur and took to Twitter to express his anguish and support for the victims and their families.

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