I don’t want to be aged here: Karan Johar as Varun Dhawan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu touch the feet of Karan Johar

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In a recent Amazon Prime Video event, the spotlight shone on the surprise moment when Varun Dhawan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu left filmmaker Karan Johar pleasantly shocked by touching his feet. The event buzzed with excitement as the Indian spinoff of Citadel, titled Citadel: Honey Bunny, featuring Varun and Samantha, was announced.

Karan Johar, known for his knack for discovering and nurturing young talent in Bollywood, often finds himself in the company of rising stars like Ananya Panday, Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Shanaya Kapoor, and Suhana Khan. He openly acknowledges this affinity, attributing it to his desire to stay connected with the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

Varun Dhawan, whose journey in the film industry kick-started with Karan’s Student of the Year, playfully reminded the director of his seniority by touching his feet during the event. This unexpected gesture caught Karan off guard, and his surprise only grew when Samantha Ruth Prabhu followed suit.

Varun Dhawan and Samantha

The audience erupted into laughter as Karan exclaimed, “No!” in response to the unexpected homage. Varun, mischievously teasing Karan about his mid-life crisis, remarked, “I think everyone should do it.” However, Karan quickly interjected, expressing his reluctance to embrace aging amidst his ongoing battle with the infamous mid-life crisis. “No, I don’t want to be aged here, please. I’m fighting my mid-life crisis; I don’t need you to put me in my place. Thank you,” he retorted with a chuckle.

Varun, ever the witty conversationalist, also praised Karan for his youthful appearance, attributing it to meticulous skincare. “I don’t think you realize how old Karan is because he does a great job with his dermatologist,” he quipped. Karan, visibly flustered by the attention to his age, jokingly responded, “I’ve done a what job? There are lots of people who get jobs on their faces, I’m not one of them.”
The playful banter between Varun, Samantha, and Karan added a refreshing and light-hearted touch to the event, showcasing the camaraderie shared among industry colleagues.

In essence, the event not only served as a platform for the announcement of an exciting new project but also offered a glimpse into the warm and humorous dynamics prevalent within the entertainment fraternity. Varun and Samantha’s gesture of respect towards Karan, albeit unconventional, underscored the bond of mutual admiration and camaraderie that exists within the industry.
As the curtains drew to a close on the event, it left the audience with a lasting impression of laughter, camaraderie, and anticipation for what promises to be an exciting addition to the world of entertainment.

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