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Shah Rukh Khan Admits Having Difficulty Acting In Gauri’s Presence

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Shah Rukh Khan admitted having difficulty acting when his wife Gauri is present on the set. The superstar said it’s because of the deep bond they share he finds it a bit of a challenge if Gauri is around.

The couple often mentioned as the “ideal couple” in Bollywood is relishing the momentous success of Jawan. As the Khan family is celebrating Gauri’s 53rd birthday this confession from the maestro of romantic cinema surprised his fans.

The couple’s romance bloomed in 1984 when Shah Rukh was just an 18-year-old. His then-girlfriend Gauri refused to marry him a couple of times but he persisted until they got married in 1991. Finally, their love story became a larger-than-life evergreen grand romantic story just like SRK’s numerous films. In an old interview, Shah Rukh had even told Preity Zinta about the challenges he faced while getting married to Gauri.

Shah Rukh-Gauri’s love story is a major relationship goal for many Indian couples to date. But SRK revealed Gauri’s presence makes it difficult for him as an actor as he becomes more conscious. The actor said, “Enacting a role in front of someone who intimately knows every facet of me is challenging.” 

Producer Vivek Vaswani remarked, “Shah Rukh could live without oxygen, but living without Gauri is unimaginable. Their disagreements are a rarity. Gauri leads, and Shah Rukh, utterly smitten, follows her cue.”

Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Dunki is the biggest upcoming movie of the last quarter of this year. It is a social comedy-drama based on an illegal immigration method called “Donkey Flight” or the illegitimate backdoor way to enter nations like the USA or Canada. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani the film is produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and also has Taapsee Pannu, Dia Mirza, and Boman Irani in leading roles.

A report suggests Dunki will pre-release globally as Shah Rukh Khan has a wide international audience and his films are doing incredibly well in the overseas market with smash hits like Pathaan and Jawan.

By Ishita Ganguly

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