Ronnie Saini: The Man Behind the Lens Capturing Jay-Ho’s Shaan Boston Concert with Jaw-Dropping Photography

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Photos and videos of Jay-Ho’s recent Boston concert are making people flabbergasted! The reason for those amazing photos is surely the man behind the lenses, Ronnie Saini.

Ronnie, a Boston-based wedding and family photographer specializes in portraits and event photography. In his recent gig at the Shaan concert, Ronnie was seen running around to fetch the best angles. As the single photographer of the magnificent event, the shutterbug left no stone unturned to capture photos from various vantage points.

Ronnie is a popular choice in Boston, and well-known as a passionate photographer. The professional photographer has been working with families, executives, and other professional service providers in the greater Boston area for years, developing beautiful memories for his clients through photography. His clients recommend him to others as he is believed to provide incredible value not only in taking the snaps but editing them with great detail. His efforts are visible in his finished works.

As for the Shaan concert, Ronnie was seen doing the job of a couple of photographers alone. That he has an eye for detail came out clearly from the photographs he took of Shaan and the audience. The incredible photos prove his brilliance in photography and editing skills.

One evening after the concert, Jay-Ho got up close and personal with the gifted shutterbug, Ronnie Saini. Read the interview till the end because Jay-Ho loves featuring talented folks like Ronnie just for you!

Jay-Ho: Ronnie, let’s go straight to the point! We are well-versed with your work. But for those who do not know you, will you please introduce yourself?

Ronnie: Sure! I am a Boston-based photographer. Photography is not just a profession to me, it’s my passion. I specialize in event photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, engagement photography, maternity and infant photography. My work has been featured in international fashion & lifestyle magazines and books.

Jay-Ho: So, how did you start your journey as a photographer?

Ronnie: I remember I was super excited to hold the very first camera in my teenage years. The journey from a film role camera to a digital DSLR was driven by my passion for capturing images through my lens. It is very satisfying to see the results come to life and bring smiles to people’s faces, and their eyes light up when they see themselves looking amazing. My childhood passion later turned into a profession, I would say. 

Jay-Ho: That’s truly inspiring. Now that you are a professional photog, how can probable clients book you? 

Ronnie: They can go straight to my website and schedule a time on my calendar without any obligations.

Jay-Ho: Sounds good! People can also check your work on your website?

Ronnie: Absolutely. They can also browse the testimonials of my existing clients there. 

Jay-Ho: Great! You know, we are getting an amazing response from people on our concert photos. Even Shaan has expressed his appreciation for the event photography. Did you find any difficulty while covering for the concert?

Ronnie: Well, as a single photographer, I was continuously thinking that I could have been at a different spot. To overcome the challenge, I was running around a lot! And in all honesty, I think the outcome was more than I expected. I was able to capture the essence of the concert which I’m really happy about.

Jay-Ho: Surely, you captured the essence very well! Now, talking about the concert, what’s your experience of the night?

Ronnie: Oh, it was terrific! I was amazed to see how good of stage control Shaan possessed. Whether he was transitioning from fast-tempo songs to slow beats, welcoming the female artist (June Banerjee) on the stage, welcoming the sponsors, or handing off the mic to anyone, Shaan did all of that effortlessly! I think he has a good command of the stage and could engage with the audience like nobody else. Plus he performed a great variety of songs that touched every age group. I’m so happy I was able to witness the magic he created on stage that day!

Jay-Ho: What’s your favorite moment from the concert?

Ronnie: I think the entry was dhamaakedaar (superb!) Absolutely loved Shaan doing the title song of Don. Really enjoyed the crowd cheering on the superb selection of songs!

Jay-Ho: Did you take photos with Shaan?

Ronnie: Nah! I don’t have a photograph with him but I managed to take a selfie. It’s not a great one though! (laughs)

Jay-Ho: How was your experience collaborating with Jay-Ho?

Ronnie: Well, I have known Jay Kumar of Jay-Ho for quite a few years now, but to be honest, I did not have first-hand experience of his professional expertise. He brought Shaan to Boston, which I believe is a gift for the Boston audience! The way Jay and his team gave 200% to the concert is worth praising. I’m also grateful that he trusted me to cover the concert.

Jay-Ho: We are happy that we could get you to cover Shaan’s concert. Here’s hoping for future collaborations! 

Ronnie: Same here! Looking forward to it. (smiles)

Jay-Ho: Any final message as a photographer?

Ronnie: For me, photography isn’t just creating beautiful photos, it’s the excitement of creating magic with my camera!

Jay-Ho: Beautiful message, Ronnie. Thank you so much!

Ronnie: Thank you! And Jay Ho! (smiles) 

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