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Indie Punjabi Artists Twinbeatz Latest Release ‘Diamond’ Praised Widely, Music Enthusiasts Call It ‘Beast Of A Vibe’

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Indie Punjabi artist duo Twinbeatz recently released their new single “Diamond” on September 1, 2022. With over thousands of views, music fans are enjoying and appreciating the song. Music aficionados have praised the song with adjectives like “masterpiece,” “beast of a vibe,” “superhit,” and many more. Recently, Twinbeatz discussed the creation of this amazing tune and the effort involved. They discussed the tracks’ concept and additional focus with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show.

During the conversation with host Jay Kumar, Twinbeatz mentioned that the song was the result of imaginative pondering. “My brother and I were just vibing and created this song in our studio one night,”explains Twinbeatz. “The song talks about a guy wanting to propose to the girl he loves, who’s always stuck by his side, and he wants to be there for her to help her reach her dreams in life”. Well, people are in love with the song and are waiting for more of such beautiful songs. 

About Twinbeatz

Singer-songwriters and music producers, Twinbeatz are twin brothers born and raised out of Chicago, IL, USA. The Twins initially entered the music scene as DJs and producers in which they successfully became known as the #1 DJs across the world for the genre of Punjabi music. 

In recent years Twinbeatz have shifted paths into the world of singing and songwriting, pushing their music careers in a new direction. Twinbeatz have managed to accumulate well over 200 million+ genuine views across all major music platforms, alongside a quarter million subscribers on Youtube. Being raised in America but staying close-knit to the Punjabi culture and language, Twinbeatz have been successful in creating a style and sound of their own that fuses the two cultures. The duo is extremely popular amongst South Asian communities across the world, resulting in headlined and sold out tours internationally. 

If you love independent music with a modern fusion and punjabi flavour, you should certainly check out Twinbeatz’s other endeavours. Follow to find out more about the artists.

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