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The Secret To Bhatt Camp’s Blue Eyed Boy Gaurav Arora’s Fitness, Lifestyle, Career And More…

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From ‘Love Games’ to ‘Aadha Ishq’, Bhatt Camp’s blue eyed boy and heartthrob Gaurav Arora has carved his name in every girl’s heart. His enticing look, eloquence, and acting has charmed everyone. He is one of the fitness role models amongst the young generation. Recently, in an interview with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Gaurav shared the mantra to his healthy and active lifestyle. He also vehemently opposed using steroids to bulk up and get in shape. 

Talking to host Jay Kumar, Gaurav says, “You should eat healthy, stay fit, lead a healthy life. I try to maintain this by eating clean and  working out 5 times a week.” 

Gaurav does really adhere to the mantra of a healthy lifestyle. Drinking water is how he begins each morning. Gaurav shares his nutrition strategy, saying, “I start with a litre of water, followed by coconut water and fruits. I try to have something like a sweet potato, boiled eggs, oats, or something similar for breakfast. I consume one scoop of protein after working out. I eat chicken breast, rice, any kind of vegetable, and roti for lunch. It might be soup, salad, or eggs at night. We should not consume too many burgers or other greasy stuff. Any form of sugar should be avoided. You’ll certainly benefit from all of these changes.”

While speaking with Jay, Gaurav voiced his disapproval to utilising steroids or any other such substances to build strength. He continues, “I always believe that you shouldn’t follow beauty publications or beauty pages on social media. You’ll experience an inferiority complex. From cosmetics to lighting to editing, a lot of work is put into it. Don’t get carried away by seeing all of this. And if you try to find a quick fix to get in shape, it will be simple to undo everything you have worked so hard to acquire. If you use steroids or any other substance and get that outcome, it will only last for a short while; after the chemicals wear off, you’ll return to your normal shape. Then it mentally manipulates you. Therefore, I advise against using these. It’s just another type of drug that has the potential to seriously harm you.” 

Debut movie

Gaurav established his first foothold in the glamour industry by winning second-runner up trophy in Gladrags Manhunt and Megamodel Contest in 2006. He made his silver screen debut in Vikram Bhatt’s Love Games and is now establishing himself on the OTT platform. 

National level swimmer-Hockey player

Gaurav had a background in sports in addition to acting. He is a national level swimmer and a district level hockey player. His wellness is partly a result of this. As part of his conversation with Jay, Gaurav also discussed his work on the television shows “Asur” and “Aadha Ishq” and his efforts to lose weight. He also discovered the motivation for and the way to modelling. Tune into Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show on YouTube to hear the complete conversation and learn more about his amazing experiences.

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