Jungkook Confesses He Used To Beat Himself Up And Faced Internal Conflicts For Years

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His fans have always seen Jungkook as a super confident, charismatic idol but in his recent interview with Dazed, he reveals his softer, humane side. The K-pop star admitted that he had faced internal conflicts for years. Jungkook had been touring since 2014 and he was always scared of taking breaks. He felt taking a break out of his hectic schedule wasn’t necessary but it was laziness. Jungkook wanted to keep performing relentlessly. He thought that taking a day off was equivalent to holding down his ambitions.

This recent interview with the international Pop star has revealed a typical modern-day problem. A problem most of us face every day. The urge to stay ahead in the race, the constant struggle we all face to stay relevant in our industry. Fans of Jungkook can easily relate to what he said. In today’s highly competitive world, it has become the new normal. 

Good that Jungkook realized this ‘flaw’ in him and gradually curbed down his inner critique. It was during the pandemic when they were bound to take a break from scheduled tours, that he got time to himself. It was a blessing in disguise as he got time for introspection.

Rather than dwelling on missed opportunities and blaming myself for being lazy, thinking, ‘Why couldn’t I do it when I was capable?’, I accept who I truly am and focus on what I can do.’

–    Jungkook

During the unexpected break in 2020 because of the pandemic, he started accepting himself and started working on his thought process. Jungkook said instead of thinking about missed opportunities or blaming himself he started embracing his true self.

Jungkook’s confession is bound to help many. In this day and age, when everyone is trying to run a little faster, the Korean pop star has given a positive message to everyone. He said it’s okay to take a break and spend time the way you want to. If taking a day off means staying in bed or binge-watching your favourite show, do it. It’s alright to go at the pace you want and to listen to your heart.

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