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Top 10 International Songs Trending Now

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If you are a music lover, you should know the songs trending now in September. Here’s a list for you –

1.  Used to be Young (Miley Cyrus) – Miley is on the top of the charts with her album, ‘Used to be Young’. Folks are joining the party with Miley’s anthem,

“I know I used to be crazy

I know I used to be fun

You say I used to be wild

I say I used to be young.”

2.  Calm Down (Rema, Selena Gomez) – It’s refreshing to hear Rema and Selena together. The lyrics, the tune, Rema’s afro husky voice and Senena’s soft feminine tone in combination are blowing everyone’s mind.

3.  Single Soon (Selena Gomez) – Selena informed her fans about this number in February 2023. The singer was reported mentioning the song was “about real things I’m walking through” and that the music is “really powerful, strong, very pop.”

4.  Seven (Jungkook) – After release Seven broke all records on YouTube by fetching two million likes in just an hour! It’s also the fastest single to top the iTunes chart.

5.  Blindside (James Arthur) – English singer and songwriter, James Arthur is back on the charts with his musical number, Blindside. This song is bound to open up your raw emotions with lines like,

“’Cause you caught me on my blindside

Right place at the wrong time

And I don’t wanna love the ghost of you

‘Cause you caught me on my blindside

You were once in a lifetime

Why do we love the ones that we lose?”

6.  SaveYour Tears (The Weekend) – This is a catchy number with lively instrumentals and strong vocals from The Weekend. The song covers themes of heartbreak, anguish, and self-belief.

7.  Paint the Town Red (Doja Cat) – American rapper Doja Cat’s song ‘Paint the Town Red’ is a song from her album, Scarlet. The track is getting around as fans enjoy its hip-hop and snap rap styles.  

8.  Dance the Night (Dua Lipa) – This pop and disco track is from Barbie the album and is winning the audience’s hearts worldwide.

9.  Daylight (David Kushner) – American singer-songwriter David Kushner’s Daylight is an orchestral gothic pop ballad. This song went viral immediately after its release on social media platforms.

10.  Flowers (Miley Cyrus) – This one was the most-heard, most-streamed and most-downloaded track in the first half of 2023. It’s still doing the rounds, a riveting number about self-love enchanting audiences around the world.

Some of the other tracks trending now: As It Was (Harry Styles), What Was I Made For? (Billie Eilish) and Booty Drop (Doechii)

By: Ishita Ganguly 

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