On World Poetry Day, Kalki Koechlin Shares How Writing Poetry Helps Her Feel Better

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Kalki Koechlin can’t remember exactly when she started writing poetry, but it’s become a big part of her life. She says it helps her connect with her feelings and deal with them. On this special day, Kalki talks about her journey of using words to express what she feels inside.

“I don’t really remember when I began writing poems. I was very young, maybe around six years old. I only know this because my mom kept all my poems. I used to write about simple things like butterflies and stuff,” Koechlin tells us.

As a kid, Kalki got interested in poetry because her mom gave her books on poems. “Reading those books made me want to write my own poems,” she says.

Now, Kalki wonders if her daughter, Sappho, will also become a poet like her. “I’m not sure. Right now, she loves drawing and expressing her feelings through that. She hasn’t started writing poetry yet, but she enjoys telling stories,” she says.

For Kalki, writing poetry feels like therapy. “It helps me express my deep feelings. Sometimes, you might feel things like anger or sadness without knowing why. When I write poems, it’s like I’m peeling away layers and discovering what’s really going on inside me,” she explains.

She writes about everything she experiences, including the struggles of being a mother. “Motherhood has changed me a lot. It’s a new journey, and it inspires a lot of my poems. Also, as I turn 40, I’m noticing changes in myself and in the world around me. All of these things inspire me to write,” says the actor from “Made in Heaven.”

But will she ever publish her poems? “Some people have asked me about it. Maybe someday, if I feel like my poems are good enough. Right now, I think there’s still room for improvement. I’m still working on it. Perhaps one day, I’ll have enough poems to publish a collection,” she concludes.

In summary, for Kalki Koechlin, writing poetry isn’t just a hobby—it’s a way to understand herself and the world around her better. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to read her beautiful poems in a published collection.

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