Ileana D’Cruz Opens Up About Married Life!

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In a recent interview, Ileana D’Cruz shared some heartwarming details about her life with her husband, Michael Dolan. It seems like they’ve been through a lot together!

There were lots of rumors swirling around about Ileana and Michael tying the knot, but it seems they’re finally putting those rumors to rest. Ileana confirmed that they did indeed get married, and she’s over the moon about it.

A Bundle of Joy Arrives

Last year, Ileana shared some big news on Instagram – she was expecting a baby! It was such an exciting time for her. Then, a few months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Koa Phoenix Dolan. Can you imagine how happy they must have been?

During the interview, Ileana got a little emotional when talking about Michael. She couldn’t help but gush about how wonderful married life has been. She mentioned how Michael has been there for her during some really tough times, and that’s something she truly treasures.

Ileana D'Cruz with son Koa Phoenix Dolan

One thing Ileana loves about Michael is how he’s always been by her side, no matter what. He’s been her rock through thick and thin. She even compared their relationship to a famous movie dialogue, saying Michael is like the character who shows up every day without fail.

On Professional Front

Ileana’s latest movie, “Do Aur Do Pyaar,” hit the screens recently. It must have been a special moment for her, especially since it was her first film in a while. The movie explores themes of love and relationships, which might resonate with Ileana considering her own journey with Michael.

Ileana D’Cruz and Michael Dolan’s Wedding Day

Reports started buzzing about Ileana D’Cruz and Michael’s wedding after she announced her pregnancy. It turns out they got married on May 13, 2023 – just a few weeks before sharing the exciting news about their baby boy. It must have been a beautiful day filled with love and laughter.

Now that they’re officially married and have a sweet little boy, Ileana and Michael have so much to look forward to. Their love story is just beginning, and it’s bound to be filled with even more joy and happiness.

Ileana D’Cruz and Michael Dolan’s love story is one for the books. From their secret wedding to the arrival of their adorable baby boy, they’ve been through it all together. It’s clear that their love is strong and unwavering, and they’re ready to take on whatever comes their way as a team. Cheers to the happy couple!

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