Kalki Koechlin Talks About the Challenges Faced by Women Over 40 in the Film Industry

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Kalki Koechlin, a talented actor known for her diverse roles, is not in a hurry to fill her calendar with film projects. Instead, she focuses on selecting stories that truly matter to her. For Kalki, it’s not about being part of every film; it’s about being part of stories that resonate with her values and beliefs.

As a mother, Kalki’s decisions about her career are also influenced by her desire to spend time with her daughter. She is mindful of not wanting to miss out on precious moments with her child unless she’s genuinely excited about a project. This means being extra selective when it comes to choosing roles.

Despite the plethora of platforms and mediums available today, Kalki highlights the scarcity of quality work in the industry. She acknowledges that finding a truly exceptional script is a rare occurrence and often requires patience. Not every project that comes her way turns out to be a gem, and she’s willing to wait for the right opportunities.

Recent Projects and Regrets

Kalki has recently appeared in projects like “Kho Gaye Hum Kahan,” “Sam Bahadur,” and the second season of “Made in Heaven.” However, amidst her successes, she expresses regret over the lack of stories about women over 40 on screen.

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin Talks About Challenges Faced by Women Over 40

Kalki candidly discusses the harsh realities faced by women over 40 in the film industry. She points out that there is a general lack of understanding and sensitivity towards older women’s experiences. Many people, she says, are ignorant about the changes that occur in women’s bodies as they age, including menopause.

According to Kalki, the key to empowering women over 40 lies in representation. She believes that when more women writers and directors are given opportunities, stories about the experiences of older women will come to the forefront. These stories could include topics such as perimenopause, menopause, and the evolving lifestyles of women in their later years.

Inspiration from Hollywood

Kalki draws inspiration from Hollywood, where actresses like Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, and Cindy Crawford are actively involved in telling stories about older women. She admires their willingness to share their experiences and believes that India needs more of such narratives.

Kalki emphasizes the need for change in the Indian film industry. She advocates for more diverse and inclusive storytelling that reflects the experiences of women of all ages. By giving voice to the stories of women over 40, Kalki hopes to inspire a shift towards greater representation and understanding in the industry.

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