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Lessons From ‘Siya’: Vineet Kumar Singh On Sensitivity In Rape Cases

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Actor Vineet Kumar Singh recently opened up about his film ‘Siya’ and its reception among audiences. Despite receiving appreciation and critical acclaim, the film didn’t reach a wider audience during its theatrical release last year. 

Vineet expressed his gratitude for the positive reviews and recognition the film garnered in various film festivals. Reflecting on the limited reach, he attributed it to the grandness and scale of a film’s release, factors beyond his control. However, he expressed optimism about the film’s digital release, believing it will reach a larger audience and receive the attention it deserves.

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In a thought-provoking interview, Vineet shared the impactful takeaways from ‘Siya’ that altered his perspective on a sensitive subject. Through his portrayal in the film, he discovered the importance of handling the procedures and investigations surrounding a rape case with utmost sensitivity and delicacy. 

Recognizing the unimaginable trauma and soul-shattering pain experienced by the victim and their family, Vineet emphasized the need for a compassionate and supportive approach from society. Rather than pity or stigmatize the victim, he stressed the significance of empowering them to fight for justice.

Playing the character of Mahinder, a common man standing up for the victims without any ulterior motives, Vineet described his role as unique and compelling. Mahinder, as portrayed by the actor, represents the pursuit of truth and justice without resorting to violence. The director approached the character from a realistic angle, showcasing Mahinder’s novel way of seeking justice. Vineet urged audiences to watch the film to experience the uniqueness and authenticity of his portrayal. He expressed his dedication to doing justice to the role and delivering a memorable performance.

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‘Siya,’ a hard-hitting crime drama centered around rape and the fight for justice, features Vineet Kumar Singh and Pooja Pandey in pivotal role. The film sheds light on crucial societal issues and aims to spark conversations that bring about positive change. Vineet’s involvement in projects with strong social messages highlights his commitment to using his platform to address significant topics and inspire meaningful discussions.

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