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Mohd Zeeshan Ayyub’s Stance On OTT Censorship: “Certification Should Be There, But Not Censorship”

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Actor Mohd Zeeshan Ayyub, a highly talented actor known for his remarkable performances in various OTT series such as Raanjhanaa, Raees, Rangbaaz, Tandav, Scoop and many more recently shared his views on the topic of OTT censorship. 

The debate surrounding the need for censorship on digital platforms has been a recurring theme in recent years. On this, Zeeshan expressed his opinion on the matter, shedding light on the complexities involved.

The actor acknowledged the existence of the certification board, which is often mistaken for a censorship board. He emphasized the importance of certification rather than censorship, stating, “Everyone says Censor board has said this, but that is a certification board, and I think certification should definitely be there.” He cited the need for age-appropriate content, revealing that he has refrained from showing his own work to his daughter because his films are intended for viewers aged 12 and above. Zeeshan believes that clarity regarding the age suitability of content is necessary.

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While Zeeshan supports certification, he expressed reservations about censorship. He expressed concern about potential agendas and misuse of censorship as a dangerous weapon. “As far as censorship is concerned, there are people and people will have agendas, so censorship becomes a dangerous weapon. I don’t agree with the idea of censorship. I think certification should be there for sure, but not censorship,” he stated firmly.

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Shifting focus to his upcoming projects, Zeeshan Ayyub shared exciting news about his future endeavors. He revealed that he has several projects in the pipeline, including Joram, Sam Bahadur, and Haddi. Additionally, he mentioned his involvement in Prakash Jha’s show called Laal Batti. Ayyub’s fans can anticipate a busy year ahead, with three to four projects expected to be released, with Sam Bahadur confirmed for a release in the coming months.

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