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Sonu Sood Announces ‘Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship 2023’: Empowering Students Through Education

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The Sood Charity Foundation (SCF) continues its mission to empower students with the announcement of the ‘Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship 2023’. Building upon the success of last year’s campaign, this scholarship serves as a heartfelt tribute to Sonu Sood’s late mother Saroj Sood and aims to provide deserving students with the opportunity to pursue quality education.

Sonu Sood believes in the power of education as a fundamental right for all. Through the ‘Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship 2023’, he envisions a world where financial constraints do not hinder students from achieving their academic dreams. 

This scholarship campaign caters to both undergraduate and postgraduate students from various fields of study. The motto “Padhai Aapki, Zimmedari Hamari” (Your Education, Our Responsibility), highlights Sonu Sood’s commitment to making education accessible to all individuals.

In collaboration with esteemed institutions like Desh Bhagat University and Budha College, the Sood Charity Foundation has established partnerships that grant scholarship seats across different academic streams. These seats are awarded to deserving candidates who meet the selection criteria set by the respective universities.

To apply for the ‘Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship 2023’, interested students can visit the official website of the Sood Charity Foundation at 

This noble initiative by the Sood Charity Foundation aims to transform lives by providing educational opportunities to those who may face financial obstacles. The ‘Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship 2023’ not only opens doors for deserving students but also helps shape a brighter future for individuals who aspire to unlock their full potential through education.

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