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Nikhita Gandhi Unveils Her Future Singles, Describes Social Media As A Dopamine Feed

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Social media is one of the most effective tools for mass communication in today’s world. It is a capricious thing. One day it propels you to fame, the other day it topels you into dust. It is due to social media, many have got the chance to showcase their skills to a global audience. But it also has a bad influence on many lives.

Recently, Nikhita expressed her opinions on this matter in a conversation with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show. She said, “I think everyone is addicted to social media, it is a dopamine feed every time you see the screen light up and when we close it, there is a withdrawal from the app, the interface,” she said. “In general everybody starts feeling depressed at some time, because everybody looks happy on social media, so when you see others happy pictures on social media your problem in life gets 20 times bigger and you start thinking that everyone else is enjoying their life. It happens too often because of social media. This is because we are all just portraying the good stuff and showing we are having fun. Nobody is sharing their grief and the ugliness in their life. So, I think that is the reason which is instigating more and more depression and a withdrawal in human beings.”

Social media Detox important: Nikhita 

She continues, “Teens are the most impressionable. So, it is important to have social media cleanse, detox. I have some friends also who are not there on social media. I feel jealous of them because they are living the life. In my life it is also an occupational hazard, you have to be active on instagram. But then there are people like Ranbir Kapoor, who are not on instagram, then you feel like why is it an occupational hazard. Arijit Singh was not there on social media for a long time. It did not affect his career or life.” 

Upcoming works of Nikhita Gandhi

Bollywood singer Nikhita Gandhi, who has music enthusiasts raving about her songs, is prepping to establish a niche in the independent music industry. She revealed about her upcoming projects. “I have been working on my own songs. Recently I released my song “Tu hi bata” with my co-writer Siddhant Bhosle. Two-Three more singles will be released soon. After that I am planning to release “Pre-Puja” and then “Maharani”. I am excited about releasing my own songs. It has a certain kind of different feeling when you release your own work.”

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