Raghuthatha: A Hilarious Journey about Imposition of Hindi on Tamils in the 1980s

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Tamil actress Keerthy Suresh is set to kick off 2024 with the highly anticipated film, “Raghuthatha.” Helmed by Suman Kumar, popular as a writer-screenwriter, this upcoming film is making waves in the industry. Produced by the makers of the blockbuster KGF films and Kantara in Kannada, a new teaser has been released for Keerthy Suresh’s comedy film, shedding light on the imposition of Hindi on the Tamil population.

With a stellar ensemble cast that includes M. S. Bhaskar, Ravindra Vijay, Devadarshini, Rajeev Ravindranathan, and others, “Raghuthatha” promises to be a laughter riot. The film’s music is composed by the talented Sean Roldan, known for his soulful compositions.

A Glimpse into “Raghuthatha”

The teaser of “Raghuthatha” begins with Keerthy Suresh’s character as a National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadet undergoing training. In a humorous interaction, she appeals to her senior officer to speak in Tamil, as she doesn’t understand Hindi. This sets the tone for the film, which is set in the 1980s and revolves around the imposition of Hindi on Tamil people.

The visuals of the teaser showcase a series of hilarious situations, portraying the struggles faced by Kayalvizhi (played by Keerthy Suresh). In one scene, she rejects a promotion at her job because she has to write a Hindi exam. Another scene depicts her leading a protest in Valluvanpettai town.

Keerthy Suresh’s Impressive Track Record

Keerthy Suresh comes from a family deeply rooted in the film industry. Her father, G. Suresh Kumar, is a renowned film producer, while her mother, Menaka G. Suresh, is a well-known actress. With such an illustrious background, it was only a matter of time before Keerthy herself stepped into the world of cinema.

She started her career as a child actress in the early 2000s, making her debut in the Malayalam film industry. However, Keerthy took a break from acting to pursue her passion for fashion design. After completing her studies, she made a grand comeback to the silver screen and grabbed everyone’s attention with her exceptional talent.

Keerthy Suresh has been making waves in the Tamil film industry with her exceptional performances. Her portrayal of Savitri in “Mahanati” (2018) earned her a National Award, establishing her as a versatile actor. With “Raghuthatha,” she once again takes on the lead role, ready to deliver another outstanding performance.

Having garnered critical acclaim for her recent role in “Maamannan” (2023), Keerthy Suresh has proven her ability to captivate audiences with her on-screen presence and talent. As she teams up with director Suman Kumar, who has a knack for storytelling, fans can expect a delightful cinematic experience.

Anticipation for “Raghuthatha”

The buzz surrounding “Raghuthatha” has been overwhelming, with fans eagerly waiting for its release. Although the film’s official release date has not been announced yet, the makers are expected to make an announcement soon. Keerthy Suresh’s comedy film has generated immense excitement, and she is all set to leave no stone unturned in portraying her character with finesse.

Is “Raghuthatha” going to be another milestone in Keerthy Suresh’s career? All signs point to a resounding yes. With a talented team behind the scenes and a stellar cast, this film has all the ingredients for success.

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Closing thoughts

“Raghuthatha” is set to be a laugh riot, offering a unique glimpse into the struggles faced by Tamil people during the 1980s. With Keerthy Suresh leading the charge, audiences can expect a memorable performance that displays her versatility as an actor.

As fans eagerly await the release date announcement, the excitement continues to build. With its fun-filled teaser shedding light on the imposition of Hindi, “Raghuthatha” promises to be a thought-provoking yet entertaining watch.

Stay tuned for more updates on “Raghuthatha” and Keerthy Suresh’s journey as she proudly brings this comedy film to life with her impeccable acting skills.

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