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Rituraj Mohanty: The Rising Star on The Jay Kumar Show

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Rituraj Mohanty, renowned as Rituraj in the music industry, recently made a captivating appearance on the popular talk show, The Jay Kumar Show. As the winner of the singing competition-show, India’s Raw Star, Rituraj has emerged as a promising talent in the Indian music scene. In this article, we will delve into Rituraj’s journey and his experience on The Jay Kumar Show, showcasing his exceptional musical skills and the impact of his song “Sahib nazar rakhna” from the film “Bhootnath Returns.”

Rituraj Mohanty on The Power of a Single Song

During his appearance on The Jay Kumar Show, Rituraj reflected on how a single song has instilled an immense level of belief in him. The song “Sahib nazar rakhna” holds a special place in his heart, and he envisions his future generations taking pride in this musical gem. Featured in the Amitabh Bachchan starrer “Bhootnath Returns,” the profound lyrics of the song have made a lasting impact on the minds of the audience.

The Early Years and Setbacks

Rituraj’s journey in music began at Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya in Bhubaneswar, where he learned the art of Odissi music. Unfortunately, a tragic accident forced him to put his singing aspirations on hold. Undeterred by this setback, Rituraj decided to move to Mumbai in search of employment. However, his true passion for singing remained intact, and he relentlessly pursued opportunities to establish himself as a professional singer.

Rituraj Mohanty‘s Breakthrough in Bollywood

In 2014, Rituraj got a breakthrough in the Bollywood industry when he lent his soulful voice to the song “Sahib” for the movie “Bhoothnath Returns.” This remarkable performance caught the attention of music enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. Rituraj’s talent and dedication paid off when he emerged as one of the top three contestants on the reality show “India’s Raw Star.” Ultimately, he emerged as the winner of the competition, solidifying his position as a rising star.

Diverse Musical Endeavors

Rituraj’s musical journey did not end with his victory on “India’s Raw Star.” He continued to explore various avenues to showcase his versatility and talent. Prior to his breakthrough in Bollywood, Rituraj had also sung the song “Aam Ke Aam Honge” on the popular television show, “Satyamev Jayate” (Season 2). This further propelled his career and opened doors for more opportunities in the industry.

The Pushkar Lodge: A New Chapter

Building upon his success as a singer, Rituraj added another feather to his cap by showcasing his acting skills in the movie “The Pushkar Lodge.” Apart from his role as an actor, Rituraj also portrayed the character of a leading singer in a rock band within the film. This multi-faceted talent further cements his position as a promising artist with immense potential.

Rituraj’s Experience on The Jay Kumar Show

During his appearance on The Jay Kumar Show, Rituraj shared his journey and experiences as a musician. His humility and passion were evident as he spoke about his musical inspirations and the hardships he faced throughout his career. The interview provided a platform for Rituraj to connect with his fans on a deeper level and establish himself as an artist with a unique perspective.

In conclusion

Rituraj’s appearance on The Jay Kumar Show serves as a testament to his incredible talent and the impact of his music. From overcoming setbacks to winning prestigious competitions, Rituraj has proven his expertise and gained recognition in the music industry. As he continues to soar to newer heights, his future generations will undoubtedly be proud of his contributions. Rituraj Mohanty, also known as Rituraj, is a force to be reckoned with and his musical journey is one that inspires and captivates audiences worldwide.

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