Singer Maahi’s New Song “Sorry” with Saregama Music is Out Now!

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In an exciting announcement, Saregama music has recently launched a new vertical called Saregama Talent. This platform aims at showcasing emerging artists and giving them a platform to shine. Among the first three talented performers introduced by Saregama is the young singer Maahi. Son of the renowned superstar singer Shaan, Maahi is already making waves with his new album “Sorry” under the Saregama label. Let’s dive into all the details of this promising young artist and his latest musical venture.

Maahi: Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Maahi, son of the popular singer Shaan, has always been surrounded by music. With his father’s musical genes running through his veins, it was only a matter of time before Maahi pursued his passion and made a name for himself. And that time has finally come with the release of his new album “Sorry.”

The Making of “Sorry”

The album “Sorry” features the soulful voice of Maahi, accompanied by the enchanting compositions of Vasudev Gandharv. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences, Maahi collaborated with Vasudev Gandharv to create a collection of heartfelt songs that resonate with the audience. Both Maahi and Vasudev Gandharv have also penned the emotional and relatable lyrics of the album.

A Rising Star on the Charts

Since its release, “Sorry” has garnered immense appreciation from music enthusiasts and listeners around the world. The album has already started charting on Spotify, a testament to the talent and appeal of young singer Maahi. With his unique voice and heartfelt lyrics, Maahi has struck a chord with fans, establishing himself as an emerging artist to watch out for.

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Maahi’s Nostalgic Connection to Kolkata

Currently in Kolkata for his first live performance featuring his original music, Maahi feels a deep connection to the city. His paternal grandparents hailed from Kolkata, making it a special place for the budding singer. In a recent Instagram post, Maahi expressed his nostalgia and gratitude towards the city that holds a treasure trove of warm childhood memories. He believes that his deceased grandmother is blessing him as he embarks on this musical journey in the city of Kolkata.

Saregama Talent: A Promising Platform for Emerging Artists

With the launch of Saregama Talent, Saregama music has taken a significant step in nurturing and promoting young artists. The dedicated vertical aims to provide a platform exclusively designed for emerging talents like Maahi, Pragati, and Arjun, who are part of the first batch of next-gen performers introduced by Saregama.

Best Wishes for Maahi’s Musical Journey

As Maahi takes his first steps into the world of music, Team Jay-Ho! remembers when they met him in person at Shaan’s Boston concert (a Jay-Ho! musical initiative) and was amazed by his talent. With his musical gift, passion, and a terrific start with Saregama Talent, Maahi is set to create a mark in the music industry. It is indeed an exciting time for this young singer, and fans eagerly await his future releases.

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Closing thoughts

The launch of Saregama Talent and the introduction of promising artists like Maahi have breathed new life into the music industry. With his new album “Sorry,” Maahi has showcased his talent and secured a spot on the charts. As he takes center stage in Kolkata, the city of his roots, Maahi embarks on a musical journey that promises to captivate audiences around the world. With Saregama Talent backing him, the future looks bright for this young singer, and fans can’t wait to see what he has in store for them.

Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show! wishes the new singing talent, Maahi, huge success for this album as well as for his future endeavors! Keep it up, Maahi!

Watch “Sorry” by Budding Singing Talent, Maahi!

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