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Sonu Sood Enjoys The Train Journey, Wins Heart And Soul With His Example Of Modest Living

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No matter how much popularity he may currently be enjoying, actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood has always remained rooted to the Indian culture and lifestyle. ‘The Messiah’ of the people prefers to live simply, as his most recent video showing him enjoying a train ride has amply demonstrated. The actor has never been ashamed of his down-to-earth outlook on anything, whether it be driving a tractor in the field or serving a normal citizen. His fans and followers could not contain their delight when his video of himself on a train journey was uploaded on social media.

Sonu Sood, who shared his video, expressed his love for Indian Railways and stated to be “trained to travel in trains.” Sonu is seen in the video enjoying the wind on his face while sitting near to a train door, smiling peacefully. Many people have referred to Sonu Sood’s video as having a “desi vibe.”  But, he might find it troublesome to perform this act. His admirers have also voiced concern for him. “Be careful, Bhai… Youth follows you”, said one individual. “Be careful. Such a journey can be fatal. Furthermore, since you exist for the benefit of others, if you’re alright, everyone else will be too.” “Sir, please don’t sit on the door,” another man wrote. “Please don’t make millions of people frightened since you are their lifeblood.”

Sonu has already talked about how much he enjoys taking train trips. The actor previously released a complete video of his train ride in which he could be seen having a good time at the Boisar railway station at 10 p.m. The actor took a local train home, laid on a bench on the platform, and even drank tap water from the station. He said that the experience of living at a train station was truly different and unparalleled. Sonu graciously volunteered to pose for shots inside the train.

Sonu has captured the hearts of millions of people numerous times, and he still manages to do so through his charitable acts or his unpretentious way of life. He has always served as an example for others, especially young people. Without compromising either, he has continued to keep his personal and professional lives apart.

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