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“We Worked Hard To Become Playback Singers, But…” Shahid Mallya Laments Reality Shows

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Shahid Mallya, the popular Bollywood playback singer is currently basking in the success of the great tunes from the film Qala. His effervescent voice and Qala melodies, which are a wonderful gift to music lovers, are making rounds on the news. The majority of the songs in the movie were sung by him, and now the singer is poised to embark on a fresh beginning. But, as he braces for his blissfully bright future, he looks back on his time spent working in Bollywood. 

Shahid, whose superhit song Rabba Main Toh Marr Gaya Oye launched his career, quickly saw a downturn in his professional standing. Nevertheless, he maintained his humble demeanour and courage, and never lost hope. “I always think of myself as a beginner”, the singer asserts. “I had many hopes when I first moved to the city, but as of right now, only one of those hopes has come true: I received a break. I didn’t receive opportunities in line with my ability or expectations. With the start of my second decade, I hope to begin my dream career.”

We can see a lot of people singing songs now if we check around. Some individuals found fame on social media, and many more became affluent due to reality tv shows. And as a result of this process, the artists who strove for their fate have been displaced by these new singers. Speaking about the situation, Shahid claims that today’s generation’s fierce rivalry has turned out to be his adversary. Mallya blames the contestants of reality shows for the current work crisis in his remarks. “Back in the day, whenever a performer made his debut, all the composers of music would collaborate with him,” he explains. However, as a number of reality shows arrived, it became congested. It became challenging to define oneself among the sea of singers. We put in a lot of effort to become playback singers for a long time in order to do a good job, not for reality TV shows. Contrarily, competitors on reality shows enter and remain in the spotlight for six months. People also began to experiment a lot, which led to the birth of countless singers. Everyone is out of a job as a result. Few composers, compared to the majority, have any idea who will sing in their songs. There is a lot of uncertainty.

Shahid adds, “Those who granted me a break are the ones who replaced me,” in an effort to further illustrate his anguish. “However, I still respect them. In the industry, there is a lot of groupism. Even when I first entered this field, I replaced Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in the song Rabba Main Toh Marr Gaya Oye. But I didn’t think this tendency would persist very long. I’ve been able to survive with a few songs for almost two years. Even after singing those songs, I used to worry that I could get redubbed. You eventually crumble when that occurs. I had a nervous breakdown. The important part is to gather yourself, though, and get back up.”

Numerous other veteran musicians previously concurred with Shahid Mallya’s comments towards reality shows. However, no matter how hard someone tries, an artist who maintains their originality and integrity cannot be replicated. Jay-Ho! hopes to hear more of Shahid Mallya’s best tracks in the coming days and wish him the best of luck in the future.

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