Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood Saves Onboard Passenger’s Life At Dubai Airport

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The Messiah of the masses Sonu Sood comes to the rescue yet again ! This time, the actor saved someone while traveling through Dubai. The actor, who is known for his modest and compassionate nature, rose to fame for his role in helping migrant workers and people during the Covid pandemic. 

Recently, the actor was in Dubai airport seated at the immigration desk and was awaiting his turn. Suddenly, a middle aged man fainted unexpectedly and lost consciousness. With his presence of mind and quick thinking, Sonu quickly administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) right away. He also cradled the victim’s head while the emergency services swung into action. However, after a few minutes, the victim recovered consciousness. The public around him and the immigration officers praised the actor for his quick action while the man also expressed his gratitude to Sonu Sood for saving his life. 

Few days back Sonu Sood was given a special tribute by the Indian Army soldiers. Indian Army soldiers inscribed “Real Hero Sonu Sood.” on the snow-covered height of the Himalayas. On this special tribute, Sonu expressed his gratitude to the Indian Army, saying it has made him feel humbled.

Talking about the actor’s upcoming works, it includes his own production of the action thriller Fateh. Vaibhav Mishra’s feature film debut, Fateh, is based on a true story. In the film, which will be released in the middle of this year, the actor will be seen in a brand-new avatar.

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