Sonu Sood’s Book “I Am No Messiah” An Insight To The Experiences Of A ‘Common Man’

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The coronavirus epidemic, which shook every life on earth in 2020, caused a terrifying upheaval to traverse the world. There were cries of agony and tears of despair everywhere and in India and as the unexpected lockdown went into effect, the plight of the people turned into a mass nightmare and the heroic efforts of many needed a light to inspire the struggle against the pandemic.  

It was during that time when the hero of reel life Sonu Sood emerged as the messiah of the masses. When everyone had established their boundaries and home walls to protect themselves, Sonu, despite the potentially fatal risk, went out into the streets to assist people in need. Knowing the plight of the migrants and the needy, he created an approach to send these people to their hometowns.

Sonu also assisted students who were stranded abroad in returning to their home countries. During the pandemic, he even helped others with their studies and medical requirements. Not only that, Sonu Sood’s inspiring tweets spurred other people to contribute to alleviating people’s sufferings. A living “Messiah” was created as a result of the world’s adoration for his heroic efforts. Sonu later co-authored the memoir “I am no Messiah ” with Meena Iyer.

In December 2020, this book was first made available. The book received both praise and criticism, with some accusing Sonu of attempting to position himself as the messiah. Well, as it is said, “kuch toh log kahenge logon kaam hai kehna,” it also applies to Sonu Sood.

Sonu addressed his book in numerous motivational interviews and dispelled all the rumours that had been circulated about him. In an interview with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Sonu Sood’s struggles during that time and continued doubts over his altruism caused Sonu Sood’s motivational interviews, which morphed into his biography “I am no Messiah.” Let’s look at what light can be shed on Sonu Sood’s career and the lessons we can all draw from Sonu Sood’s struggle during the pandemic. 

Sonu discussed his book with host Jay Kumar, as well as his personal problems, sources of inspiration, and profession. Getting into the Bollywood industry wasn’t a one-night achievement after moving from the small Punjabi village of Moga to Mumbai, the city of dreams. He was, nonetheless, consistently upbeat about achieving his objectives. When recounting his dreams, Sonu related an intriguing incident in which Namrata Shirodkar was a guest of honour at an event that he attended with his friends in Pragati Maidan (New Delhi).

That day, he promised himself that he would stand on the same stage where the stars stand today. And that marked the start of his spectacular ascent to stardom. Sonu reminisced on that same moment and stated, “Everyone has those trying times. When you succeed in life, those memories become the most treasured ones that you can look back on. After keeping that pledge to myself, I began doing modelling, shows, and movies within a year and a half. I then gained popularity there. You can never predict where life will lead you.”

Sonu Wanted To Change His Name As He Believed….

It’s amazing how Sonu stayed true to his commitment, put in a lot of effort, and got it to the big screen. Sonu once considered changing his name because he assumed that a name like Sonu would prevent him from ever being known. Sonu did not, however, alter his name and continued to go by his screen name. And now that his name has achieved brand status, it is revered by each and every human being on the planet. People now name their children and enterprises in his honour. Sonu Sood’s inspiring story has led people to associate his name with good fortune and prosperity. That’s how God’s plan works, nothing can happen prior to the right time and right place. Now let’s move on to the other part of the interview, where Sonu responded to some intriguing questions. Let’s begin….

What Do You Think Your Parents Would Be Most Proud Of?

Sonu: Parents always have pride in their children. They take great pride in all of my achievements, big or small. I wish they were still around to see any success I have now. Although they are not present, I am confident that they are guiding me from somewhere.

Do You Want To Be A God Among The Common People?

Sonu: No, I am a common man. Till you are a common man, you are a special one. Never leave your roots, your identity, be what you are. 

Everyone Was At Home When The Pandemic Began, But You Walked Out Into The Streets To Help Those In Need. What Compelled You To Carry Out The Deed Of Kindness?

Sonu: Everyone tried to follow the advice to stay indoors and avoid leaving their homes when the epidemic first broke out. But after seeing the immigrants who built our homes, workplaces, and roads, I was unable to let them return home alone, without any support, money, or food. Little kids were weeping, people were helpless, and they had no idea how to return to their houses, so I made the decision to at least try to help them and ensure that they returned safely. And this is how Karnataka’s first round of 350 send-offs got underway. I began receiving calls the next day from every state in India, and within a week, 1 lakh SMS pleading for rescue were sent to me. When I began sending them home, I felt that this was my responsibility as a citizen and an individual; I couldn’t sit in the safety of my home and wish for the pandemic to end. I have to step up to give these individuals reason to think that someone is out there to assist them. I was able to communicate with millions of individuals after that and send them home. 

I began this adventure on March 23 and hope to continue it for the rest of my life. Though I initially thought I had come to Mumbai to pursue a career as an actor, I now think I actually came to support these people.  We will link to 10 crore people in the next five to ten years; this is my goal, my desire, and my purpose, and I’ll make sure it succeeds.

How Do You Balance Work And Personal Life?

Sonu: Whether we are successful or not, we will be occupied. It just matters what you believe in and the appropriate times to do what you want to. My family gave me a lot of support during the pandemic. since they were aware of my whereabouts and activities. I used to sleep after 4-5 days because I didn’t have time. However, as I already stated, you must decide what it is that will define you. Family is vital, yet there are moments when you outgrow yourself and want to accomplish something significant in life.

What Inspired You To Write This Book ‘I Am No Messiah’?

Sonu: It’s not my book, but it is about my experience with all of those folks through those trying times. With each of those individuals, I went through that phase. I therefore wished to share those experiences with the world. They should be aware of what individuals have gone through when they walk those lanes in 20 or 30 years, when they visit the pandemic periods that we have all endured. They should be aware that you can still help others today; you don’t need to wait.  There is no such thing as the right time or day; the moment is right now. This is more than simply a book; it’s a lesson I’ve taken from my life and want other people to learn and adapt. In my opinion, this book is well worth reading even if I am only able to alter one life. If someone reads it somewhere in the world and is able to save even one life, then I will consider it to have been worthwhile.

Sonu Sood continues to conduct good deeds that uplift and empower people.

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