SS Rajamouli and Rama’s Groovy Dance

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Hey there! So, there’s this super cool video making rounds on the internet. It’s about none other than SS Rajamouli, you know, the director behind those epic movies like Baahubali. Well, turns out, he and his wife Rama were caught on camera grooving to a song by AR Rahman at a special event.

The Viral Video

Imagine this: Rajamouli and Rama, all dressed up, hitting the dance floor at someone’s wedding. The song they chose? “Andamaina Premarani” from the movie Premikudu. They looked so happy, dancing together on a fancy stage. Fans were totally thrilled to see the usually serious director showing off his moves with his wife. Some even called it “pure goals.”

Where It Happened

So, this all went down at the sangeet ceremony of Cherry’s daughter, who happens to be the CEO of Mythri Movie Makers. As soon as the video hit the internet, fan pages went wild sharing it. People were surprised to see this side of Rajamouli and Rama, and they couldn’t stop talking about it.

SS Rajamouli with his wife

SS Rajamouli’s Japan Trip

But wait, there’s more! Rajamouli and his family recently took a trip to Japan for a special screening of his latest movie RRR. While they were there, they had a bit of a scare with an earthquake, but luckily, they were all safe. They also got to experience a stage adaptation of RRR by a company that’s been around for over a century. Rajamouli was so impressed by the actors that he couldn’t help but share some love on social media.

What’s Next?

Now, let’s talk about Rajamouli’s next big project. He spilled the beans during the RRR screening in Japan. Apparently, he’s already started working on his next film, and it’s going to star none other than Mahesh Babu, a popular Telugu actor. Rajamouli couldn’t stop gushing about him, calling him handsome and all. He promised to introduce Mahesh to his Japanese fans during the film’s release. Sounds exciting, right?
So yeah, that’s the scoop on Rajamouli and Rama’s awesome dance moment, their adventure in Japan, and what’s cooking up next in the world of movies. Can’t wait to see what these two talented folks have in store for us!

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