Is KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty Expecting? Suniel Shetty’s Hint Sparks RumorsThe Hint

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There’s a buzz going around that Athiya Shetty, the actor, might be expecting a baby with her husband, cricketer KL Rahul. Athiya’s dad, Suniel Shetty, gave a little clue during a recent episode of a dance show he judges. When the host teased him about being a grandpa, Suniel hinted, “Yes, next time I’m on this show, I’ll be walking like a grandpa.”

The Speculation

So, people started wondering if Athiya and KL Rahul were going to be parents soon. Neither of them has said anything about these rumors yet.

Their Love Story

Athiya and KL Rahul tied the knot in January 2023. They just celebrated their first wedding anniversary with a sweet video on Instagram, showing moments from their wedding and their life together. They wrote, “Finding you was like coming home.”

KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty

KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty’s Wedding

Their wedding was a private affair at Suniel Shetty‘s farmhouse in Khandala. Only close friends and family were there to witness their special day.

Suniel’s Words

Suniel Shetty once talked about KL Rahul in an interview. He said, “I don’t see myself as a father-in-law. I was his fan, and now we have a relationship. I’ve always been proud of young talents, especially from small towns like Mangalore where Rahul is from. I’ve followed his career closely and supported him every step of the way.”

What People Think

Fans are excited about the possibility of Athiya and KL Rahul starting a family. They’ve been cheering for them since they got together, and now they’re eagerly waiting for any news about a baby on the way.

The Lovebirds’ Silence

But for now, Athiya and KL Rahul are keeping mum about the pregnancy rumors. They’re enjoying their married life and focusing on their careers.


So, is Athiya Shetty really pregnant? Only time will tell. But for now, let’s just enjoy seeing this couple in love and wish them all the happiness in the world, whether there’s a baby on the way or not.

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