Soujanya Bhagavatula

Telugu Indian Idol Season 2 Winner: Soujanya Bhagavatula’s Inspirational Journey With Sireesha

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In the Bhagavatula household, music flows through their veins. Soujanya Bhagavatula, sister of Qala fame Sireesha Bhagavatula, made a name for herself as the winner of Telugu Indian Idol Season 2, leaving audiences mesmerized by her soulful voice.

Having previously gained recognition for her voice in hit movie “Arjun Reddy,” Soujanya’s journey to success was both unexpected and inspirational. In a recent interview, she shared her remarkable experience and expressed her gratitude towards her sister, Sireesha, for being a constant source of inspiration and guidance.

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As the winner of Telugu Indian Idol Season 2, Soujanya Bhagavatula experienced a mix of surprise and joy when her name was announced. Soujanya revealed that she approached each step of the competition as an opportunity to prove herself, fueled by the desire to make a comeback after a hiatus.

Soujanya acknowledged Sireesha’s influence and revealed that she looked up to her sister as a role model. Drawing inspiration from Sireesha’s practice routines and observing how professional playback singers maintain their vocal condition, Soujanya gained valuable insights into the industry. Additionally, she attributed her habit of meticulously documenting each song assigned to her performances as a crucial aspect of her preparation.

For Soujanya, participating in Telugu Indian Idol Season 2 provided the ideal platform to showcase her talent and rekindle her passion for becoming a playback singer. Having experienced a five-year hiatus, she considers this victory as the beginning of her second innings.

Aside from her victory, Soujanya garnered attention earlier for winning the pen used by Chandra Bose, the lyricist behind the Oscar-winning song “Naatu Naatu.” She proudly shared that she has framed the pen and displayed it in her drawing room, cherishing the memorable milestone it represents in her career.

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