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The Family Man’s JK Talpade Is Feeling Old As His Son Turns 16 – Sharib Hashmi’s Birthday Post Goes Viral

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Sharib Hashmi has become a father to a teenager! Yes, you heard it right. The man who we all know and love as the witty JK Talpade from the critically acclaimed series ‘The Family Man’ has now entered a new phase of life as his son Shayaan turns 16 today.

In an Instagram post, Sharib shared a heartwarming picture with his son and wrote, “Aur isi ke saath main 16 saal ke bachche ka baap ban gaya. Itta young young feel Ho raha hai kya bataun.” It seems like Sharib is feeling a bit old now that his son has hit this milestone age. But, don’t worry Sharib, age is just a number!

As we all know, the teenage years can be quite tricky to navigate. One moment, they are your adorable little baby and the next they are trying to assert their independence and make their own decisions. But, we have no doubt that Sharib is up for the challenge. After all, he has dealt with some pretty tough situations as JK Talpade on ‘The Family Man.’

We at Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, would like to wish Shayaan a very happy 16th birthday! Welcome to the world of teenage where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter. We hope you have a fantastic day filled with love, laughter, and lots of cake.

As for Sharib, don’t worry about feeling old, we think you’ve still got it! Keep being the amazing father that you are and we’re sure you and Shayaan will get through these teenage years with flying colors.

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